French: A Slap in the Face!

après l'école: sacré bleu

ya know, there was a moment in my life where EVERYTHING going on in my life could have been solved by math. 
weird i know, but it is true!!!
right now, its in a phase where i can answer basically everything using an Eminem verse (but like the old, GOOD em, not the crappy, let me "rap" with Rihanna in a song Em) (my opinion, NOT yours so calm yo tits!) 

any who, have you ever had a EUREKA moment!? (oh colin, haunting me even after i've moved on from you!)
i'm pretty sure i had one in french class last night. 

see, i took french in high school many moons ago and then i was over it. 
took it strictly because i needed a language credit in order to graduate. then once that was over i was done. 

i knew how to say hi my nameis..., that i'm american and that i want a sandwich. i mean, in my book thats all you need no!?
so forward to NOW!
i'm taking French because my coworker kept asking me to go with her so i said yes and i've cursed her everyday since then. (i wouldve taken spanish instead!, because while i do speak it, i could always improve it. ie: accents and all that fun stuff!) 

okay to the point. 
so yesterday, we were in class and then i dont remember how but we started talking about france vs america (duh les its french class. but you know maybe like that!)
anyways, the teacher started telling us that the french value education more out there than we do out here. 

for example, out there you can get your HSD (high school diploma) (or was it your college degree? idk one of those 2...and see what i mean!?) in 3 years. by the time they enter college (if thats the case) they are so friggin prepared because they dont mess around!
where as out here, it takes minimum 4 years and we are always fighting for money for schools. 
out there, people, the state (the country i know. im just wording him), they all invest in education. 
they all value education so much more than we do out here (at least my teacher thinks and i honestly agree.)

case in point: im 26 and im barely going back to school. i could've graduated such long time ago. but thats me (and me only.) everyone is different. but my point is, basically i was lazy. i was however working. i've been working since i was 16. so its not like i was mooching off anyone or anything.
im not using it as an excuse because believe me im the last one to use that! (kudos to you mommas out there working 2 jobs, taking care of yo' kids and furthering your education!) im just my teacher said: "people out here are about a status. about owning the latest gadgets. expensive shit versus meaningful things. look at little kids in school, wearing jordans and expensive clothes but they cant even pick up a book! (and then he really ripped one on us!) Look at all of you. when was the last time you guys went to a museum for fun? (omg! true because i havent!!!) you guys dont know where things are geographically! when's the last time you read just for fun (hehe sucka, im working on that post!!!!) you dont even know where half of the wars of the US actually took place!" (did you know that the war of 1812 didnt take place in 1812!? why the war of Archduke Ferdinand started? because he and his wife were killed, even though his father didnt really care for them because they married for love!!!! i love reading!!! (please note that i could also be wrong. so CHILL!)) 

W A K E - U P - C A L L - ! ! ! 

more of  a wake up call for me anyways. 
i guess its in the way he said it. the way he worded it all 
i loved social studies and all that stuff!
funny story....when i went back to school back in 2007 i was going to a social studies class and while the whole time i thought i was registered for the class it turns out i wasnt. 
i had never actually added it. 
so when i said f**k it and dropped it (meaning i just stopped showing up) thats when i found out. and the only reason i found out was because my friend told me that out of the entire class, the assignment turned in, i had done the best! (and that i should really consider enrolling in the class!)
gah! i should really dedicate myself man. 

as  far as anything else, ill leave that alone. 
i hate discussing politics and why america is the greatest or the shittiest. 
everyone has their own opinions and you are entitled to em!
stand up for what you believe in. just dont start a war over it. 

i just wanted to share my eureka moment!

let me know what eureka moments you've had!

thanks for readin!!! (: 
or should i say: merci pour la lecture. (im not guna lie, i used google translate!)

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