Snapshot Sunday {69-75}

i know this is guna sound weird but ive never seen a plastic flamingo in person before. 
ive seen em on TV and even cute ones used as DIY's but yesterday was my first time seeing one in person. 
i fell in love! i want one!!
but my mother didn't budge! :( although she did buy me a staple gun so haay!!
last weekend i went to Vegas with my friend Monique to catch Steve Angello. I'm sure I've heard of him before (hello Swedish House Mafia) i just hadn't seen what he actually looked like. any who, come to find out he released #DECADE for free on Google Play!!! not itunes. not amazon. GOOGLE PLAY!
i love being #teamdroid!
ugh. i mean! what a beauty!
look at her doing hw. 
i LOVE her!!!!
i like to call that zombie Hilary!
so i know i haven't been posting my weekly Sunday hikes but Ive been running in long beach a couple of days during the week. i love catching the sunset. so i guess as long as I'm being healthy about it that's all that matters! (: 
remember that one time i posted about how i had won a prize!!!?
the lovely Ms Kelly Lanza from StudioDIY asked her readers to take a survey because she wanted to find out what we wanted to read about and some other god stuff. as a thank you for taking the survey, for all the local readers, she offered a gift packet if you won!
dudes/dudettes!!!!  I WON!!!!!!!!!!
are you kidding me!? 
she emailed me at work and i almost had a heart attack! 
i had the hugest grin EVER!
what did i win!? 
$25 gift card to Donut Friend (have you seen those donuts!?) and a cute donut notepad from her colab with pencil shavings!!!! ( i was bummin hard when i didn't win the phone case give away on IG...but this beyond makes up for it!)
I'm soooo excited! i cant wait to get my donuts! <3
i should really hurry up and do my vegas post! ggrr!!!
any who, as soon as we get in the car, mon pops out this steve angello pix and she sticks it on my dashboard!
she forgot to take it with her when i dropped her off so all week long ive been posting Steve is doing or says all over my snapchat! lol sorry my snapchat friends.....i mean how can i not!? 

thanks for reading guys! <3
you guys are awesome! <3
i hope you have a good rest of your weekend and an awesome week ahead! 

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