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Elsie & Emma (And the rest of ABM!) just launched their new site where you can learn all things camera!
it makes me want one soooo bad now! (like a legit camera!)
(and i just love this badass pic of Elsie & Jeremy on their wedding!!!! seen here and here
gah! i hope to meet em one day!!!! <3
HowAboutWe Donut Date
lets celebrate love!
here's another one of my fave couples! <3
and then this picture (along with this very helpful/informational post) reminded me why i do want to travel. but more importantly have someone to travel with! <3
DIY Letter Shaped Boxes
remember that one time i made my own letter!?
well this seems like a more logical easier way!!!!
cute for maaaany ideas!!!!
i LOVE studio diy!!!

facebook hacks are the best!!!!
beeswax birthday candles -smoke
make your own beeswax candles! eek!!!
Rainbow Cupcake Recipe and Rainbow Cupcake Topper Printables // Lulu the Baker for
i've always wanted to try making rainbow cupcakes.
here's how! (for those of us who are kitchen challenged!) along with some cute rainbow printouts!
good for st. pattys day! :D
having a baby? i know there are a trillion places where you can read on what to do or how to act or what your kid should be doing EXACTLY at 10.5 months. 
this was a very refreshing post!
im all for it! <3
3D Birthday Banner DIY | Oh Happy Day!
3D birthday banner!!! eeekkk!!!
i want to make this cute little thing!!!! 
Scallop Party Garland
scallop party garland!
would go great with the diy above!!!
who wants a party!? 

im thinking that maybe i should organize my this & that's and not put like 15 different subjects all in one. 
but then, what would be the fun in ORGANIZED fun? 
plus, when i look back i want to be like oooh!! 

thanks for reading! (: 

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