DIY Letters

First DIY!
Ok geek moment over!
I have seen these letters on several blogs ( &
Hope from HHC stated that she saw them at Anthropologie and they were on sale for like $12 a pop. She actually purcahsed the letters at Michael's I believe and she sprayed them.
The gals, Elsie & Emma(ABM) bought the letters and wrapped them with yarn
Which is what I did, with the exception of buying the letters!
I saw on another blog (I can't remember the site....) where she got regular cardboard and did the letter herself.
Basically I traced out an L and just did two of those.
Once I had them matching sizes (which I later found out it doesn't really matter if you're super accurate) & I taped them down with blue tape.
Once I had secured it with tape I started wrapping it with yarn.
I was supposed to do another diy with the yarn and my cousin had bought that.
The cardboard came from the amazon box that my A Beautiful Mess book came in.
Glue, glue gun & tape I already had So this project was basically free!
The best kind!!!
Give it a try!
I'm feeling like making the whole alphabet and making a display of that! [:
Try it out. Leave a comment. Post a picture! Can't wait to see!!!
1. Cardboard box
2. Choice of yarn (altho I have several ideas I want to try so feel free to explore)
3. Scissors
4. Glue & glue gun
5. Ruler (if you want to make reeaally straight lines)
Below are a few pics just to show step by step. 

i taped the spine of the inside for a little bit more support

the final result! :)  like i said, i'm thinking of doing the alphabet!

this is how the ladies of ABM did their letters! (:

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