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Last night I finally received my clear phone case from Amazon (LOVE Amazon!) That I scored for $1.88 (see What I mean!)
I had purchased the a beautiful mess phone cover a few months ago and was sooooo excited to receive it after like a month and days of  wait only to find out that basically it sucked.
It was just a rubber cover with an I'm not sure whatchamacallit material that had a print of the picture on it basically. (I'm more of a rubber vs hard cover fan so the hard case might have been better buuuuut.....)
Every time I would take it off, my phone cover would unglue little by little and I was just over it.
If this ever gets read and your a huge ABM fan you'll know where I got it from but other than that I won't say what etsy seller i got it from.
The thing that saved me from going crazy over the fact that I bought TWO is the fact that all the money spent was sent to the American Red Cross for the OKLAHOMA disaster.
But any who, the gals Elsie and Emma on ABM shared a quick lil tutorial on how to make your own phone covers for the IPhone.
I of course have an ANDROID (yay!) So I figured ill just make my own and vóila!
Its really simple to do, so give it a try.
I know I'm going to be sporting all sorts of different covers! (: 

1) cut out a traced copy of the phone case on a manilla folder or stock paper 
2) trace it on your choice of paper or make your own design on the actual cover. 
3) cut to fit. Use an x-acto knife. It will be easier to use!
I then made a mock one in like 5 minutes all quick for my coworker! (: I am awesome!

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