HARD SUMMER 2013 (sunday edition)

First HARD event Second Rave.
It was pretty cool.
My first rave was Beyond Wonderland earlier this year and I absolutely loved that one.
We (Jay, Eman, Andy & I) arrived around 5ish and it was pretty interesting from the get go.
Before we got in a) a dude from another group we met up with got kicked out because he tried using a real fake ID (does that make sense!?) to get a wristband for drinking. Dude paid $85 to get a ticket and walk around Chinatown until Midnight & b) some girl was down on the ground passed out, lights out. Before she entered the venue!
Once inside me and Eman made line to use the ├╝ber nasty portapotties (the ones in Coachella were like using the white house restrooms compared to these.) 
Of course I said "hey you make line here & ill go here just incase."
His line went by ridiculously quick while I took like 6 hrs
Ill tell ya, the amazing things you see while you wait!
I look to my right and some girl is dry heaving her guts out to no avail.
Blah blah blah fast forward 10 minutes, that girl who was at that point being held by 2-3 people, was a few people behind me in another line.
I guess they were going to try and get her in to the bathroom (dumb decision.  It's small, stuffy, SMELLY, and void of all toilet paper in the world!) Any who, within 2 seconds of me realizing she was in line, some dudes like "did she sh*t herself!?"
Low and behold, this girl literally crapped her pants!
Look if you know me, you know when it comes to any sort of drug, A N Y T H I N G, I'm the biggest chicken ever.
To say that she was conscious is an understatement because homegirl was in another planet!
If I wasn't afraid then, I definitely am now.
You know your own limits.
While I don't condone the usage of drugs....I'm not going to preach to you/at you to stop.
Just be careful.
And make sure you have REALLY GOOD friends.
Because cleaning up your poop, thats something not just anyone will do.
But anyways, it was really fun.
I caught Empire of the sun which is who I really wanted to see, then Zedd (pretty dope!) & while Jay wanted to catch Bass Nectar we went with Emans choice and caught Baauer. As Eman describes it, "Ratchet" music.
I'm glad we did because I finally got to dance, I met this totally gay dude whom I fell in love with and it was an awesome set. Plus seeing Obama do the Harlem shake on screen and Lindsay Lohan transform from clean to party machine was pretty cool!
I'm glad I went.
It was an awesome time!

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