Headband DIY

I've still yet to write a post on what I actually started this blog for! -.- and Ive already read 2 books worthy of a post!
Mk but anywho!
This sunday!.....I'll be going to HARD Summer for my very first time! (Second rave)
I'm excited!
I've always wanted a flower headband but I didn't know where to grab one or wasn't as motivated to make one!
I really wanted one for Coachella, I slacked off and I ended up paying $10 for something ill never use in my life again.
I was bummed.  That was beer $$$ right there.
Anywho....I didn't take step by step pictures (dumb!) But I took a few.
I bought 2 sets of different purple flowers at Michaels for like $1.19 & my sister bought me my headbands at target for like $2.50.
Boom cheap!
Originally I was going to crazy glue the middle part of the flower back once I was done sewing the flowers buuut then I thought....hmm let me glitter em up!
I ran outa glitter after the first one So I scratched that and used a forever 21 spiked bracelet that I never used and I've since never looked back! (:
the "process" while i LOVED the purple color i wasnt crazy about the brown seed or whatever its called.
once the flowers were sewn before i added the spikes. my little model! <3
the AFTER!  i added orange yarn to give it some pop and then crazy glued the spikes on top! i hope they last. i wanted to sew them on but it was too late by then.

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