I am in no way (at this moment) interested about blogging in regards to food that I cook simply because I don't cook.
At all.
Its scares me.
Which is dumb!
Don't ever let fear stop you from doing anything!!!
But I guess in a way it scares me because of all it takes to create something so delicious!
I see my roommate cook and she pinches salt here and adds drop of this there and she does it all without measuring and in a way that's kind of intimidating. But hey practice makes perfect! (:
I was craving asparagus the other day so in my head  I kinda whipped something up and this is what I came up with.
Asparagus, chicken and bell peppers.
The chicken was bought pre-cooked so there was no preparation there (cheating!).
I just cut bell pepper and asparagus to my   liking then I threw the asparagus first then the chicken and lastly the bell pepper to cook in the pan.
Added a bit of salt and pepper cooked for like 20 mins and vĂ³ila!
Dinner (lunch for two days) was served!
Its a good thing my sister was there because I was only going to use one batch of asparagus. She convinced me to do two!
See! Its all about measurements!!!
...and yes! I was supervised!

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