It's here! :D

After waiting like a month and a half! book is finally here!
I stumbled upon the blog A Beautiful Mess
( by complete accident.
I believe through pinterest.
Man am I in love!
These two gals are seriously talented!
The blog was started by Elsie Larson back in 2007 before she was Mrs. Larson.
Emma came along a few years later after returning home from California.
These gals have had their own clothing line, their own (Elsie) scrapbooking line, two of their own shops,  just recently released their photo app for apple (hurry up android!!!!!) And now have released their first book!
I believe they also have a scrapbooking book/materials due with Becky Higgings coming out at Michael's pretty soon.
Also, i just read they've turned in their manuscript for their second book and you better believe I'm grabbing that one as well! (Coming next summer! )
I'm soooo excited to dig in! (:
And yes I will blog about it once I'm done!
Its a book on a bunch of photography tips!
Which is a  cool deal since I've been thinking of buying my very first "proffesional" camera
I can't wait!
Check out their blog!
You won't regret it! ;)

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