Oh, Fridays! {sister edition}

I start work at 7 on Fridays so I'm not able to take my brother to school.

I told him to put his phone on blast so I could call him at 715 to wake up.
I called him twice & all I heard was him rolling over.

I just checked the time and saw it was 8:08.
I figured if he's at school he won't answer nor reply to my texts so naturally I call my sister who takes him when I can't.

Sis: "hello" all groggy.
Me: "did you take ant to school!?"
Sis: "yes."
Me: "are you sure? ill kick your ass if he's missing!"
Sis: "I did I swear!"
Me: "why do you sound so sad?"
Sis: "bro I fell asleep at 730 & tony woke me up at 745."
Me: "why'd you go to sleep so late!?"
Sis: "I was watching naruto and I was crying and we were bonding. I couldn't stop watching. I couldn't half ass it!"

Dedication at its finest!

Happy Friday all! ♥

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