Oh brother

Le sigh!
So yesterday I took my sister and her friend Leslie (what a cool name!) to go see Best Coast!
I was worried about traffic because my plans were to be back by 5 to go to Disneyland!
I called my brother to car pool but he didn't answer.
He finally calls back when  I'm leaving work so I ask him what he's doing.
Me: "where are you?"
Bro: "all the way by south east (other side of town for us). Why what's up?"
Me: "I wanted you to go with me to drop off gis so I can carpool"
Bro: "you should've called me earlier"
Me: "I did. you didn't answer!"
Bro: "oh sorry that I was in class getting my education on!"
Me: "shuuuuuut up!"
Bro: "its true, education is important since my swagg won't get me anywhere anymore!"
Me: "wtf?!"
Bro: "its true. Swagg isn't cool anymore!"
Kids these days.
I went by myself.
The 710/5/10 wasn't bad on the way over there. I took the streets back to avoid backtobacktoback traffic and long story short, I got in my first car accident.
It was not my fault.
I was in sooo much shock.  I think I was more worried about my state of mind than my car....which Is a good thing I guess.
I was already mentally preparing myself to bike ride to work.
Also my mom punked me about my laundry.
See, our dryer's broken so air drying everything it is.
I'm a do your laundry on Sundays kinda gal but since my mom was off she hogged our washer.
So she offered to do it for me Monday .
I called her at like 1pm and she was like I just woke up.
Ill do your laundry tomorrow.
I was like nooooo!!!
I'm completely done with clothes!
I'm out. I needa do mah laundry!!!! (Insert dramatic face!)
I got home & it was all air drying! (:
Thanks mom!!!!
I can say it was an overall good day.
My sister had a blast and I finally went back to Disneyland! 
Ooh! And my car is still alive! (:
ticket colllection is starting up!
how do you NOT love Disneyland!
the horror hotel! ...or whatever its called. too many H's!
the view at the very top before they drop you. i looove this ride
cars land. i love that ride too! its soo good but at 120 min wait....no thanks!
we caught the fireworksright outside. what a show!
ended my night driving by lacma. i still want to go!
its safe to say she had a good time! :D

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