Double Decker {sister edition}

I get home and....
Sister: "so you know how Beyonce was in Destiny's Child? Well last night I was listening to that song bills, bills, bills and she said something about being trifflin! I thought that was a new word that all the cool kids were using. She was cool back then.
We're all late!"

The infamous lyrics:

{You TRIFFILIN (Good for nothing type of brother) Silly me (Why haven't I found another) (A baller), when times get hard need someone to help me out (Instead of) a scrub like you who don't know what a man's about}

Bey is pretty cool.


My mom made us panes de pollo today.
Its basically chicken in the bolillo kind of bread.
With some other goodies.

We were just eating some in the kitchen when she decided to get break news and get fancy.

Sister: "bro somebody died today. Its all over instagram. Would you like some avocado?"
(Breaks news...then gets fancy. This is the 1st time we add avocado!"
Me: "why would you tell me that while we're eating!?"
Sister: "what? that if you want avocado?"
Me: "no that somebody passed away!"
Sister: "what homeboy passed away!?"
Me: "no! Uff."
Sis: "oh I see."

She's something else.

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