Snapshot Sunday {83-89}

oh Sunday, how i love you so. 
saw this at the beach on one of my weekly runs! 
i love Lucy!!!
waiting for mon to get home so we could leave. 
woman took forever! but look at how cute my bookmark is! (: 
i know Ive been quiet on the book front but Ive picked up books that have not held my interest. 
this one is kinda working. 
my first baseball game!!!
angels vs dodgers. 
it was sooooo much fun! 
i definitely need to go more often! :D
as you can tell Ollie is not having it!!!! haha
what a cutie little chess is. 
i love finding him outside sun bathing! <3
new mini coopers no. 
old school ones YES!!!! <3
i had said waaaay earlier in another post (i cant remember!) that i wanted this book and i found it yesterday (a post on that coming up!) eeeekk!!!
it sucks that i found it almost in April but better late than never!!!
I'm still thinking if i should make this a weekly post with the questions. 
I'm just soooo excited! :D
have you guys been feeling all the little (and bigger) earthquakes!? well in California / la habra area mostly
i felt my first one while i was at the dodger stadium! 
great, i could've potentially died at a dodger game. i don't even care about the dodgers. last night after falling asleep at 9pm on a Saturday (way to party les!) i woke up at (I'm guesstimating because why look it up and verify right!?) 2-3 am to a freaking earthquake!!!!
my mom was passed out next to me so my next thought was run to gis' room (my sister) and save her and the dogs! and then i was like what about my brother!? ahhh. 
i freaked out and it eventually passed and i went back to sleep. 
the weird thing is is that we were just swaying side to side. 
it kinda felt like it was rocking me back to sleep. 
what does this picture have to do with any of that!? 
i don't know, shes just a cutie and she's definitely on my "to save" list! 

my hike is done, my room/the bathroom is clean and the laundry is currently under way. 
great Sunday!

thanks for reading guys 
i hope you had a great weekend and an even better work week ahead! 

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