eeekkk!!!! I won!

So I won a contest that I had forgotten I entered (more on that later when I get the prize!) and the prize is donuts! (and some other goodies!)

I mean donuts!!!!!!


But any who, to share my excitement I told my sister to which she replies "are you guna buy me one?" 
And I said "hell yeah!"
To which she then replies "sometimes I'm glad I'm your only friend! I get to go to cool places with you!" (ie: the macklemore concert! two door cinema club/capital cities concert, Six flags for a year.  Basically anywhere and everywhere!)

then i tell her that i was going to post this and she follows it with "yea bro! everyone is going to read it!"

what a kiss ass!

its Wednesday everyone hoooray!!!
its french test Tuesday Wednesday and tomorrow is cirque du soleil Thursday for moi!

i cant wait!!!! 
i hope you have a great day! (: <3

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