Snapshot Sunday {76-82}

i keep waiting for the day when i mess up my numbers....eeeekk!!
i know its kind of late but hear me out. 
i was spring cleaning up my room!
Hellooooo Spring! (: 
here are this weeks pictures....aaaaand away we go!
last Sunday, after not having a freaking decent meal all weekend (i cant cook to save my life!) i made a huge life decision and went to Pho. and it was the best life decision i had made that day!
i love pho. 
st. pats day at spent at school. 
i didn't mean to have green nails for the holiday, it just happened that way. 
5 years after turning 21 and to this day i still haven't had any green beer.
one year, one year. 
oh man. 
i just HAD to take a picture of this. 
im sure "BEN" LADEN isn't very fond of his "location" 
guys!, i have been sticking to running at the beach. not as much as i should but i have been and i love it. 
and this is what i get to at the "almost" end of my run. 
i love it! (: 
i finally went to a dave & busters (chuck e cheese for grown ups!) and it was so much fun! 
jaydeen HAD to take a picture of me because she said it was cute how hard i was concentrating!!!
studying for my monday french test on a saturday with my friend george!
lets do this french! lets do this!
sister is at burgerama so i get her room for the day! 
this is me drinking tea cuddling with the babes watching movies. 
stupid cramps! :'(

since my sister spent the night out there because of her concert i started watching Deeds or whatever its called by Tyler Perry. it was cool. i then saw (well today in the morning) that one other movie of his, Temptation. 
that was almost 10 hrs ago and I'm still thinking about it...i mean how did you not see mr K (i forgot his name) was the abusive type!? ggrrr...i actually really liked that movie. 
i also finally saw frozen. cute little movie but the singing...gaaahh!!!
i think my favorite part about the movie is when whats his face instigates Anna for choosing to marry whats his face after only knowing each other for 30 minutes. (dang, i  have horrible memory!!!) and that in the end SPOILER its her sisters true love that saves her and not the kiss of the dude that she really loves. 
way to go Disney! steppin it up!
i think im going to see it again!
(also, this is the first time i think i post a snapshot Sunday in chronological order!)

any who, i hope you had a greeeeaaat weekend and a great week ahead!
i have a super duper simple easy to do diy coming up tomorrow!

have a good night!
off to study some more for french! 

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