Snapshot Sunday {167-173}

another week is about to start!
where did the weekend go!? 
i always feel that the weekend is more full for me when i work a Saturday. 
but these last few weekends have been a blurred little mess. i love em and i wouldnt change a single thing!
lets get started! :D
// 167 //
this one is a two-fer. 
getting ready for date night!
i was supposed to be out the door sooner than i was but i had to take a selfie! ;) 
i love these glasses. 
and 22 jump street. 
of course same premise but ya know....they worked it good!
// 168 // 
dropping off tess at work during the week on my day off and this is the view i get. 
i love it! (:
...i then came home and slept til 12. baahhaha
i was sposed to go to Disneyland that day (wednesday) but i wont talk about it. 
i give up!
you win that round life. 
you win.
that just wasn't meant to be.
// 169 //
kisses from my baby! <3
// 170 //
starting off summer right! :D
// 171 //
my cousin graduated from UCLA last week and yesterday we had her celebration party. 
this was the amazing photo-booth i had set up that effin died! :( 
it lasted all night then the day off right before it started...BOOM dead. :( 
at least i have a picture of it. 
// 172 //
another date night. 
as soon as he picks me up...he's looking for places to go. he pulls over and im like "you're on groupon?" and he was like "what i cant groupon a date?" i died laughing. 
then literally like 4-5 minutes later wewerethisclosetogettinginacaraccident. 
its weird because i saw it happening and i didnt yell all i said was "...uhm..." luckily NOTHING happened. 
no accident at all. phew!!!!
you would have thought that would have woken me up but nope. i was still sleepy!
these are lobster fries! or as i like to call them near death experience fries.
delicious!!! (i would just order next time without onions!) 
he's a REAL health nut so i was surprised he wanted these....but i think he was just trying to make up for almost sorta killing us!
and this is just an appetizer. 
i got crab stuffed salmon. 
delicious as it sounds weird!!! :D 
// 173 //
diy crafts at work! :D

we just cut my dogs hair down to the shortest length possible. 
we showered both of em and now im covered in dog hair, dog water and sweat. i need a shower!!!
ill be back with my Q & A post shortly!
thanks for reading! :*

love love looooves!, 

ps. summer.... G O  A W A Y ! ! ! !

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