Happy {belated} birthday little blog of mine! ♡

i don't know how! where did the time go!?
yesterday as i was typing the last post i just wrote about, in the preview section, i looked over to the left and saw that the first post i wrote was back in June of last year! I'm not sure why i was thinking it was in august buuut i just missed it by 17 days. ahh!!!
I've always seen those posts where people celebrate their 1 year blog-aversary with balloons and what not and i wanted to do that but i completely missed it so this cutesy little post will do!!! (: (and plus...save a balloon ya know....lets save it for another milestone!)

i did it!
i started blogging actually about 2 years and after 2/3 book posts i just gave up (and to this day i beat myself up about it!) i decided to pick it back up and here i am 382 days later!
still doing the damn thing! ;)
its something small but I'm super proud of myself! (: 

its funny because if I'm being honest its a love hate thing with blogging!
and i wouldn't even call it that, i would just say, I'm lazy. 
but i love it!
there are times when i look back and i catch pictures that i had completely forgotten about. there are book covers (pictures in the posts) i see and i ACTUALLY remember what the book was about! (like this one! that one is forever embedded in my brain!) and now that i look back even more in to it, holy crap i read a lot of books in the span of one year! 21 TO BE EXACT!!! now that deserves a balloon!!!! :D 

I'm just glad that this isn't something I'm interested in turning in to a money making machine!
i love reading and doing diy's here and there but to make something happen everyday...that takes a lot of work and i admire the chicks who make that happen!!

i don't want to make this a heavy feelsy post so ill cut it short!
I'm just glad i have this little slice of Internet that i get to call mine!
and I'm glad that you take the time to read this!
thanks to my 12 followers! you guys are awesome! i should have a little raffle to say thanks! (and thanks franks & my little jaybean because i know you guys read!)

have a great Friday! <3
ill be back tomorrow with Q&A!

happy one year little blog of mine! ♡♡♡
i love you!!!!

(and i leave you with this little gem of a video!!!!...if you dont laugh at this, i dont think i can help you!) 

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