The City by Dean Koontz

published: 2014
isbn: 978-0-345-54593-0
read from: 7/2-8/2014
my nails were purple when i started, red when i finished and aqua green in between. 

i dont know what else i can say about Dean Koontz that i havent already said (and that you already dont know yourself!)
this man, le sigh. 
my friend chonch gave me a gift card for Barnes & Noble back in April i believe. a little bit before he gave it to me i knew DK was coming out with a new book. ive had this gift card sitting in my car for 3 months until the book came out so i could purchase right away!!! (i ended up with 2 others as well)

i dont know what i was expecting with this book but part of me was not expecting what it was about. 
it kind of reminded me of his last book. honesty and all that. dont get me wrong, i loved it but based off of the short story prior to this book, i was expecting some supernatural creeeepy stuff! (i guess if you think about it, you can make the connection....)

this book is based on the story of Jonah Kirk {Bledsoe} (8 names in total actually) and how he survived his ordeal. how the city came to him to help him discover who he was as a kid back then and who he was to become. a lot of music is involved in this book as well which also helps him become who he is. i know this is going to sound weird but i cant really describe the book without giving out spoilers. even the description on the jacket of the book is pretty short. 

so without further ado, here is my book report! :D
spoilers are to follow!!!
to make this a long post or not. that is the question.

Jonah talks about his encounter with The City. not as a city but as a woman who comes to him through out the next 3 years. she helps him by giving him clues about what is going to happen through out the course of his life in the next few years. Jonah is a young boy age 8 when he first meets the city. he is son to an exceptional singer; his mother, piano prodigy; his grandfather and his father; a cook. 

the first time he see's the city (Miss Pearl), she gives him a dream where he see's Drackman killing his own parents. he doesnt know it yet but he will soon run in to him. 
in another dream he see's a man strangling Fiona in a watered area. 

Fiona is an "associate" that works with Drackman. 
to get to the point, (its crazy that im having such a hard time finding a way to explain this one! because its all there i just dont know how to word it!) Drackman is a crazed killer. 
he killed his parents because they shipped him off to boarding school. he was never pinned for it because he had really good, solid alibis. Turns our it was Fiona, another student and a teacher. 

Ms. Delvane, the upstairs neighbor, hooks up with Jonah's father. when his mother, Sylvia finds out, she kicks him out and he ends up moving in with Delvane who then both later on move in with Drackman and set up this plan to, basically, steal one of those armed trucks with a butt load of money. im telling ya' not what i expected (but i guess because of the time it was set in it was something "new".)

all in all, the day the "accident" happened, Jonah, Amelia & Malcolm were at the bank. Jonah saw his own father along with Fiona enter the bank with 2 suit cases that were actually bombs. the plan was to create a diversion in the bank to be able to steal the armed truck. 
through out time, Jonah was being prepared for this moment so when he saw the suitcases he knew and he yelled. he was able to save many that wouldnt have been able to make it. but still some did not. 

because he was able to describe exactly who it was to the cops, the whole gang had to flee and the police was now aware of what Drackman had done and what everyone else was up to. they were in hiding for a few weeks only to come back and make Jonah pay. make his father make him pay. 

let's just say away with it they do not get!


spoilers over!!!!

well that was quick considering i didnt know how to word it for once. 
i gave you the quick run down but truuuussst me! i left a lot out!
like Mr. Yoshioka. i loved that dude!
trust me! give it a read. itll all make a lot more sense when you know what im talking about. 

i love dean koontz! man never disappoints. i've read around 90 of his books. i cant go to a book store without browsing him and leaving empty handed because i've read them all. 
i will say that i miss old school DK. where it was some weird super natural stuff. 

if you do read this book, let me know what you think. 
i just started my next book and so far so good!

thanks for reading! 

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