Camera Photos!!!

member how i said i finally bought a new camera!!!! no more (well not a lot of! what am i kidding i just discovered how to use the vosco app on my phone) phone pictures!!!

here are a few pictures that i have snapped. you have NO idea how excited i am! 
i actually deleted the first picture i took and apparently it was a huge deal to everyone who knows about my camera. its weird because i usually get sentimental about 1st's but when it came to the pictures i was like meh. im a weird human. I LOVE IT!
any who, here are several random-ish pictures. 

my sister wasnt a fan of the camera. she says i could have bought something better. i dont know. maybe. im not a huge camera person. but so far i looove it!
here's chester trying to bite my face off. 

the following pictures were taken at La Mirada Park. we went to go catch The Beatles cover band!
i hate summer because of the heat but i love it because of all the activities there are to do.
my brother swears!!!!
and as i was lightening the picture i saw the dude in the back picking his nose lol
my cousin evelyn!!! <3 
ucla graduate haaaay!
my cousin marc. 
this kid man. 
baby Aaron! what a cutie!!
le beatles!
 once the concert was over, we went to play on the swings. since i had literally just had the camera for all of 3 hrs i didnt even know how to use the flash on it. (laaame! ._.) so when i finally figured out how to use the flash...this was the first picture i snapped.
at least i saved this first!
 a million and five pictures of my baby!!! <3
how'd i get her to pose? i was holding her toy hostage. haha!

caught her sleeping in my bed! she decides to be cute so i wont be mad. oooh girl!

and this is chester again. 
hes an evil one i swear!

this is the first fish eye picture i take! haaay! another first!
im going to miss this room!!!
my first selfie with my camera! :D
this day, my hair was on its top game!!! 
selfie in the bathroom at work!
on a saturday. in an empty building myself. 
i love being at work by myself. so quiet, so calm!
also, this shirt. L O V E  I T !!!!
got it at coachella and this is probably like the 3rd time i wear it. 
took this as i was heading home from work.
i love bokeh shots!
as i was leaving my ninas house on sunday, 2 houses down, this was sprayed on the floor.
if you've been reading long enough, you know i geeked out! eeek!!
i love it! {you!}

i know these probably look very horribly edited, which they are not. i just used the enhancement and contrast on a few but its okay. theyre a learning experience. hopefully theyll get better and im not here to be a top notch photographer so hey! win win for me!
lets just hope i get better than when i tried out Photoshop and failed miserably!!! 


  1. Your doggies are so cute! I replied to your last comment on my blog but I am not sure if you got it. It said email me at and I would love to exchange addresses so we can be pen pals!!

    1. thank you!
      i love them a whole lot even thought theyre annoyingly loud like 87% of the time!
      i just emailed you about the pen pal thing!

      thanks for reading!


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