Hello July!

its officially the second half of the yeaaarr!!!

here come the good holidays!!!
i know, i know.
im jumping ahead of myself...but i mean, its already July!
so point proven!!!!

last night was awesome!
my cousin Jocelyn is in town from Oregon.
we went to acapulcos and between, lets call it 7 of us because the other 2 werent drinking, we went through 36 margaritas!
we sweated it out on the dance floor!
i got home and passed out on the living room floor because i was too tired to shower then and there and too sweaty to sleep on my bed.
but hey! i woke up extra early and got to work ON TIME!!!! (both a first lol!) (and according to my coworker, combed my hair! ._.) haha.
it was a win win i guess!
last night was a blast!
since i started tracking my steps, i saw it get reset last night (it does every night) and i was bummed i don't know why but its 930am and from dancing alone i got 5,000 steps sooo so far so good!

were trying to find a way to keep Josh here but shes insisting on going home. :/

i cant wait for 4th of july weekend.
if you're in the LA area, 98.7 is having a free concert at grand park.
woohoo! ill be at my cousins eating hot dogs and lighting fireworks! :)

i cant wait to see what July has in store for me! (:
i do know that i have the neighbourhood concert towards the end of the month!
the 7th is Ross, Jasmins and my dads bday aaannnd.....hmm, im out.

im getting some stuff ready to send out to England! (!!!)
i made a pen pal and her birthday is on the 17th so im sending her some birthday goodies :D
July is the birthday month!
oh!, it is, i just thought of another!

dean koontz's new book came out today and you best believe i went to go grab it!!! (i actually just got back home.)
guna cut this short and start reading even though im soooo sleeeppy! <3

thanks for reading!
have a good Tuesday night and a kick ass July!!

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