Snapshot Sunday {188-194}

i just finished watching Girl Most Likely with Kristin Wigg and oh man i want to quote EVERYTHING from that movie!

"if she really cared she would have an affair with me!" 

its such a serious role for her even though the movie isnt meant to be serious. its a funny in a this is or could be life kind of way...i dont know. but you should watch it. and prepare to laugh!!!! i couldnt stop. im surprised i didnt wake up my mom cause i was laughing pretty hard. and im in the living room where its kind of echo-y at the moment. 

i just started another movie with Rose Byrne (is that how you spell her name?) i think its called I give it a year....they just showed a scene where they have their first kiss on new years eve. i just realized, i have never had one. #lame oh well lol

....its 230 am and i am wide awake and im super surprised considering that its somewhat waaaay past my bed time buuuuut lets get started!

188 //
my momma at work. 
when you dont have a bobby pin, you work with what you got!; those clips that come on brand new shirts and pants lol. 
189 //
here's another twofer!
i myself, hate selfies. 
its not that i hate what they "stand" for. whatever that might be. 
its just that, i feel that i cannot take a decent picture to save my life. i will always find a flaw and hate the picture. then, i read what Kara Haupt wrote on one of her instagram pictures and i thought to myself  "selfies are the shit!" 
and so far, two days in a row, these are what my selfies looked like. and I LOVE THEM!!!!!
my hair was exceptionally awesome looking which is really, always rare! 
190 //
my brother. me. my sister at the beatles concert. 
i love these kids so much i want to strangle them!
191 //
member how i kept rambling that i would get a camera one day? not a super fancy one but one that wasnt my phone!? 
well dudes and dudette's the day came! :D
i got my camera and i love it!
i love you amazon!!!! im sooooo excited to take it out next sunday to an event im going to! 
i have no idea what its about and i love it!!!
just throwing out there: i bought in on amazon based on the price and the reviews. i asked my camera savvy enemy friend Henry and he said for beginners it was great so i bought it! 
he then suggested i buy a 3 grand one and i said i was going to wait for a bit. 
but a lot of the features sold me on it. 
built in Wi-Fi!? camaaan!!! 
192 //
7-11 day!
free baby slurpee's. 
too bad they only had blueberry at this location (i HATE blueberry!) 
im strictly a cherry kinda gall. saddest slurpee ever. 
isnt it funny how tiny it looks!? lol 
193 //
i could live off of soup for the rest of my life!!!! 
194 //
i started running again. 
it was amazing! (: 
ive missed it sooo much. i wasnt even aware. 
cant wait to continue it!!! (: 
(i actually went yesterday and this dude was like you have a beautiful smile, i said thanks. he followed it up with can i talk to you and i said that i was about to leave because the sun was going down. he then offered to walk with me and i said no i have a man (i dont) so he was like well can i get your number? and i said i dont think my bf would like that (he's invisible so i dont think it matters to him) to which he then asked me if i liked to smoke and i said no to which he said thats good (he REEKED of mj) and then as i was leaving he was like give me one more smile giiirl and by this time i was dying of laughter but in all seriousness started walking away. he then asked me to take a selfie of him with his friend! ._. what a great Saturday walk! lol) 

it is now 240 and i want to watch this movie (and i have to be up kinda early not really) so ill leave you here. 
thanks for reading!
hope you had an amazing weekend! <3

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