Street Art: DTLA pt 3 {Alice in Wonderland}

....and this is the last one! (1 // 2
i saved this for last because its actually a set!
who doesn't love Alice? specially a slutty one!!!

as we were getting ready to head out after stopping at spot #2, we drove by and i saw it from the corner of my eye. 
as soon as i could, i made a sharp right so i could go back (dtla and its one way streets i tell ya! ._.) 

looks exactly like Johnny Depp
my F A V O R I T E  out of the whole bunch!!!
i couldn't get a super good picture of the two above. 
i was reversing on the street and it was a red curb so i had to be quick about it. 

i found the artist on IG @beginus_maximus. 
super cool dude. 
there's other artists that were involved and i believe he has them tagged on his account. 

hope you enjoyed this little series of posts. 

yesterday i went to The Neighbourhood concert and on a little off road driving i found a lot more street art that i hope to go catch soon. i was going crazy without my camera!!!

have an awesome Friday!!! :*


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