Tuesday's Run

lately, instead of hiking every Sunday, I've been running at the beach every Tuesday & Thursday. 
i used to do it all the time and im glad to be back at it. 

today however, i was dragging but i still made myself go. while i didn't run as much as i usually do i took a nice little stroll. 
at stop 1, i got to see them set up the long beach volleyball thing that's going to happen (well its been going on, the set-up. i think it starts this weekend and its free entry!)
 i headed back to the pier on the opposite end to watch the sunset and this is the awesome picture i caught!

i dont think ive ever (gasp!!!) seen the sunset. i see it rise all the time but never set so this was nice....it was amazing. 
nothing a good sunset catching cant fix.
......and then some crazy dude cursed everyone out and chased em around with a wiffle ball bat. 
bahaha humbug. gota love Long Beach!
as i was walking back i could still see the light of the sun somewhat so i decided hey panorama picture!!!
i love the way it looks. i love how i could see it go from light to dark and the way i can see the city lights at the far left. it looks better here than on my instagram. (apparently it depends, if you're on your phone you cant see the city lights.) any who. i just fell in love with these two pictures so i thought i'd share with you all. 

hope you had a great Tuesday. 
love ya lots and good nights!

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