The Neighbourhood {7/24/2014}

i love how shiny red my nail looks here!!! (: 

The Neighbourhood. 
holy smokes. 
to me, its rare when you can come across a band that blows you out of the water. meaning that they are as good live as they sound on record. 
these dudes sound better live than on record. i never thought id ever say that. 

ill tell you this, i knew the tickets were going on sale BUT i didn't buy any because i didn't have any one to go with. 
stupid, stupid STUPID decision. 
what i paid for these 2 off of stubhub i could have probably bought myself a hellavu lot closer seat but i wont beat myself up because a) i still went and b) i got to take my little cousin. 
this is her favorite band and whats even better, she didn't know she was going!!!
she knew her mom was going to drop me off at the venue and she knew i was going she just didn't know she'd be staying with me so once we got there she was in shock!! (: 

do yourself a favor, if you do like these dues (and if you don't whats wrong with you!?) catch them. catch them live. i know i say this about everyone I've seen basically but if you recall by far, Kimbra was my favorite. until now. 
these dudes, holy smokes! i wanted to drive to Oakland to see them the very next day! (a 6 hr drive by the way!)

any who, you know me by now, unless you're new (hi there! thanks for following! (: ), so you know i have a million and one pictures to share.
so please enjoy! (: 

also, while i wasn't far, i wasn't super close so i wasn't able to get the greatest of pictures. but i love em all still. so bear with me. 
plus my photoshop is currently down since my computer is on the fritz but that makes no difference because i still have no idea how the heck to use it! :D
 mandatory marquee shot!
and look panic at the disco! the concert i won tickets to that i exchanged! woohoo!
truthfully, because of parking, I'm not a huge fan of the Greek. other than that, its a great venue!
jump on over for more pics!

the opening act was white arrows or something like that.....not sure. 
they were cool. 
they got me yelling specially when they sang a song about being whore's. or something like that. 
oh, them and danny brown. apparently he is a big deal but uhm. no thanks. never catching him again. 

several girls threw their bras, one girl said she wanted to ahem ya know....him.
overall it was an AMAZING show!
i didn't take more videos because i thought my phone would suck at recording but its turns out it did a fairly good job! sorry for the sideways video, i couldn't flip it (even though I'm sure theres a way) but its the sound that i wanted!!!! ahh!!!

i actually saw several people that i know at the show so i know everyone had a good time!
I'm definitely catching them again. 

they previewed new music too and i like what i heard so i cant wait for that either. 

any who, I'm off to run and to listen to them on spotify! 
thanks for reading / viewing!

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