this & that

the Flintstones amusement park. 
its a real thing!
am i the last human to know about this!?

where has this la hating sob been all my life!?
oh shia. you crazy you!
and a couple of more where this came from. 
imagination at its finest!

We don't know each other, but your story has touched me so much. 
Please keep baking. Ryan is so proud of you. 
HUGS all the way from NYC. 
The Robitaille Family.

humans can be so amazing at times. 
i have hope. i love this post! the note alone made me want to cry.
Casual Holiday-7
wendy, you never fail! <3

congrats on your 1 year anniversary! <3

colorado, here i come!!!!
how beautiful does this look!
City Dance-2
once again wendy because how could i not!
make your own glow-sticks sign!!!

im going through a phase where all i want is to wear flowers on my hair!
i have an even on the 20th so maybe i should hurry up and make one!!! :D

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  1. Great pictures!


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