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i still need to find a way to organize these so theyre better to use/find by just clicking the label. still dont know what to name them though. 
but here are some fun links to follow! (: 

DIY Smile Favor Pouches
new age candy bags!!!
perfect since my sewing machine has just sitting there collecting dust.
i need a bigger space! le sigh.

this sounds like an amazing trip! 
i want to do something like this!

selfie game on another lever!
i love it!
super creative!!!
kid birthday party ideas
hhmmmm.....maybe for this years birthday!!! whose? who cares!
i want a balloon wall!!
seriously!, how beautiful is this place!?
Angels Landing. i want to go soo bad!!!
here's a little video to convince you to go with me!

the dollhouse. 
 how awesome is this!?
actually, heather is just awesome!

im pretty sure ive posted this switching rooms with my little brother.
i love my current room i REALLY do but for the longest i've felt that i needed a change so now that im switching, i want to keep it white and let all the colors in all the art i have up on my wall pop!
i also like this decal situation Carlee has going!
i really want to do this!!!
Image of Sessions 01 - Nychos: Follow the White Rabbit
im not even sure where i heard of Nycho. i think it was through the Think Tank Gallery blog but i want this book!!!
its only $50! :D
Cat Head Pillowcase DIY
im team dog all the way but this cute cat pillow diy has me all in love!!!!
Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging | Oh Happy Day!
crepe paper flowers....hhhmmm. interesting!

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