The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

isbn: 978-0-399-15834-3
published 2013
read from 7/9 to 7/16 2014
nails were i think red. they were nekiid when i was done reading. 
(i had my sister model because i had horrible lighting in my room) 

im freaking out!!! like legitly (is that how you spell that!?) 
anyways im freaking out because JUST when you thought you couldnt love amazon anymore than you already do, they go and do this
$9.99 for unlimited reading. U N L I M I T E D !!!!
i know what you're thinking because i thought it too...."go to the library. way cheaper!" trust me I KNOW. but its the accessibility that draws me. i had to return a book to the library and i was dragging. plus i need to buy a nightlight. lol. reading on my phone would fix that right away! (snaps fingers!) 
its free for the first 30 days so i think im going to try it next week. or maybe tomorrow. 
i just thought id share the news if ya didnt know. 
amazon > ebay. ALWAYS. 

okay so lets get to the point. 
i got this book because my manager was talking to me about it. so when i bought the new Dean Koontz book at B&N i got this one as well. do yourself a favor and either purchase it on Amazon or get it at your local library (lol les, lol!) because its not worth the $25 it cost me. although i will have a nice looking book with me forever.

this story is based on 2 women. well more like 2.5.

tess and her cousin felicity (felicity is the .5!) and Cecilia. Oh! and Rachel so 3.5

this story is about how basically a letter (kinda) can bring your world crashing down and how it connects all the women together in a way.

Cecilia's husband, John, wrote her a letter when their first daughter was born. a letter that she later on, years later, finds. as soon as she notifies him that she found it. he rushes home to retrieve it from her. what she discovers in the letter shocks her world.

Tess is happily married until one day her world is turned upside down. (although in my opinion...she's fine and the least hurt in this story.)
Rachel. Rachel holds a huge grudge towards a man that she believes is the reason for her pain. 28 years later she still holds so much anger. i know it can never be justified but 28 years!!???
what do they have in common? well, whats in the letter. 

spoilers to follow!

tun tun tun

Tess is married to will and they have a son Liam together (i forgot how old he is.) they live and run a business from home in Australia. everything is good until one day will and felicity (tess' beyond attached cousin) sit her down together and let her know that they are in love and want to be together. after things are said and done Tess gets Liam ready to go and off they go to her mothers in Sydney. leaving will and felicity to do as they please.

Cecilia lives in Sydney and she is happily married to one of the infamous Fitzpatrick men. everything is fine and dandy until one day she finds a letter addressed to her from her husband. she holds off on reading it, at all, until the morning she hears her claustrophobic husband searching for the letter up in the attic. 

when she reads the letter she discover her husband is the reason for all the pain and suffering that Rachel has gone through. 

Rachel is a lonely widow mourning the death of her daughter. a 28 year old pain. 

she is a firm believer that the man responsible for her daughters death is Connor. 

to speed this up a bit, I'm going to take it back old school and use bullet points. seems it works faster and better that way. 


  • heads to Sydney to be with her mother and ends up running in to Connor who is an ex boyfriend of hers. 
    • whom she ended up dumping years ago because her and Felicity move away. felicity never liked him anyways so she was okay with leaving him behind. 
  • ends up hooking up with Connor while shes out in Sydney and Will and Felicity are doing their own thing (which BIG SPOILER its nothing!) back in her home in Australia. 
    • she doesnt feel guilty about it because "if Will's okay leaving me for someone else, why cant i have my fun?"
  • BIG SPOILER!!!!: she ends up back with will. and she has a baby. i say she and not them because its not known whether its Will's or Connor's. (uhm hello!? wouldnt you have done some on the low paternity test of your own!?)
John (and Janie) : 
  • BIG SPOILER!!!: he murdered Janie. apparently when they were younger (28 years ago) they were dating (and absolutely no one knew!) but Janie being a dumb girl, thought that he was too good for her. she thought he was faking her out and waiting for her to fall in love with him so he could be all like "nope, i don't like you!!!! i was just Kidding!!!' so of course she tells him that she chooses to be with another guy. she was seeing Connor on the side and he was deeply in love with her like she was deeply in love with john and because she FIRMLY believed that "it was more fun doing the dazzling. girls were meant to do the dazzling" she decided that Connor was the safe way to go. (this pissed me off. her stupid mentality!) 
  • of course because he killed Janie, he feels guilty and has decided that he needs to punish himself every which way possible. which of course effects his family. 
  • sill grieving after 28 years. (i know there is no way to justify what happened to her but after 28 for you!)
  • firm believer that Connor was the person that killed her daughter because he was the last one that saw her alive. 
  • even though she had a son as well, she basically blew him off. she, i wouldnt say resented him, but she didnt pay much attention to him. she starts to feel human again (if thats what you want to call it) once he gives her a grandchild. however his wife Lauren got a job in New York so they are moving for 2 years. she detests Lauren even more. 
  • BIG SPOILER: stop here because this is towards the end and i know ive spoiled some but this one's kind of a biggie. mk ive warned you! she runs over Cecilia and John's daughter Polly. she doesnt kill her but its a big deal. and the reason why she did it sucks big time. 
  • eventually finds out who her daughters killer was aaaannnddd does nothing about it. (i mean, i dont know if i would have turned him in either buuut...then again she did cause her damage)

  • still in love with Tess after everything that has happened. (for the record he knew she was going through "something" in her marriage. he said he wasnt expecting anything but those who say they arent getting attached usually do!)
  • is seeing a therapist because of what happened with Janie and some other stuff that goes along with it. 
  • could have potentially helped avoid the entire Polly situation (which sucks even more because if you think about it, those are two things under his belt now!)

spoilers over!

all in all, it was an okay book. 
i liked it! and i specially like that they did and epilogue because that itself explains a lot more about Janie and her condition. it also kind of shows you how everything happens for a reason. 
in the story john fell in love with Cecilia after being in love with janie (duh les!) because she was a safe option (thats what it seems like to me) but the thing that clicked with me in the epilogue is how it states that had Janie lived, she would have ended up with john no matter what all in all minutes before he met Cecilia at that same party. (sorry that was a baby spoiler..nothing too big!)

i do recommend that you get this book but do yourself the favor and DONT spend the $25. if im being honest i think thats what stopping me from being FULLY in love with the book buuuut i personally just think that its an okay book. 
(i was talking to my manager who recommended the book and she feels the same was good but nothing to crazy.) 
you cant love em all. 

if you've read the book let me know what you think!!! 
thanks for reading! 

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