Street Art: DTLA pt 1

ready for another heavy photo post? 
i am!
ahh!!! (thats me yelling of excitement) 
i broke it up in to 3 posts because all said and done, it was a lot of pictures that i took. 
i LOVE Downtown LA for its art. 
actually, i love any kind of street art but i know i can always head down there to find some good stuff. 

this first batch is all in Indian Alley. i took all these pictures right after i caught the Foster The People Mural wall

its actually mostly all down the street from there. you cant miss it. 
enjoy! (:

i love this one. i was ready as soon as i got off the freeway exit. i had to get a more decent picture. still blurry but better than last time. 
i love it!
right under the Indian Alley sign its says Property of the People.
love it
right before you turn the corner....
everything all at once. 
seriously, i JUST noticed they're on skateboards! ._. 
leslie fact #7489: i have NEVER seen the wizard of Oz. 
but i really want to see that Wicked play! 
i fell in love with this one right away!!!
right in front of the what im calling wicked witch, someone put this awesome skull on top of the parking sign. 
pretty awesome!
turn around and boom! you get this amazing Audrey Hepburn mural wall. 
i love what it says. 
(i just love everything dont i!?)
love - love - love!!!
i actually do enjoy my daily pb&j with banana slices samich EVERY DAY. 
i am saddened when i do not have one. 
like today. 
lucky charms no longer holds any charm with me! 
remember when i caught this little dude in that other post? i actually went back to that same spot and almost everything that was once up is now gone. it was only 21 days ago that i went. 
crazy how they cover everything up. 
paint by color mickey?
this is my mom's birfday. 
i saw this and i was like woooaaahh!!!
i wonder what this means!

both above 
by @starfighter & @findac 
{both above and below} 
theres more to the one on top but that involves trespassing...and at this moment, im not ready for that. yet!
i know i love it all but i seriously LOVE both of these. 
specially the top one
to the right of it all there was another wall where they painted a little mural of it. 
Pont de l’Archeveche  - LA Style!!!!
of all the things i noticed, the boat was not! bahaha
"teach peace"

i love it all!
how could you not!
this is definitely a hobby i want to keep going. 
i found @wallstylee on instagram and i've been getting the sources for most of the artists here from him however i do not know all so please leave a comment to give credit where due if you know! :)

thanks for reading.....erm viewing! 
i still have 2 more posts to go!!! (: 

have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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