Happy Birthday Ross!!!

Dear Roslyn, 
Happy Birthday!
you'll probably never read this (because as my sister says "no one reads your blog bro!") but in that case, i was just posting this video because its TOO HIGHLARIOUS not too!
love, Les. 

any who, today the 7th of July, just happens to be about 70% of my families birthday. 
(ross, dad, and some other cousins) yesterday we celebrated Ross' with an unexpected water balloon fight. 
shout out to my sister and mom for calling me and giving me the heads up. 

i had her cellphone just to be safe and i stayed behind so i wouldn't get bombed. 
yes thats me obnoxiously laughing and cursing the whole time!
im sorry i was just dying of laughter!!!

happy birthday ross
enjoy the video world!!! :D

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