New Found Glory!

its already been a month since this happened!
my oh my how the time does fly. 
any who, since 10th grade (10 years? freak where did the time go!?) i've been a New Found Glory fan! back since their self titled album came out in 2000.

i was listening to Pandora (miraculously since im a spotify gal myself) and i heard a commercial saying that NFG was going to be playing at the Santa Anita Racetrack the same day as Chrome was going to be racing!

first off i geeked out! and second i was like chrome!? 
i had to go! 10th grade Les was jumping up and down!!!
specially since the tickets were only $25 and with a code they where buy one get one free!!! :D 
ahh!!! 10th grade me jumped even more. 

i ended up going with Francs who i learned is NOT a morning person and therefore will never ever go with me to a morning event. 
these dudes didnt go on until 3pm but because it said be there by 11 am you best believe i was there by 1130. haha. on time but still bending the rules a bit. 

luckily they had tables all set out with umbrella's so its not like we had to sit in the scorching heat!
aaaaaaand because i bought the tickets online (2/$25 :D i believe) when we got there we got these booklets that had drink tickets in 'em. frank and i both checked in at 2 different tables so we both got booklets. each booklet had 2 drink tickets so I had 8 drink tickets because frank decided then and there that alcohol was NOT the way to go. i understand morals buddy! but when its free alcohol!!!? whaaat!
see what i mean!!! :D
i got free beer, free bottle openers, free wristbands and free concert tickets! yep! freaking concert tickets!! :D
i enjoyed! 
i discovered Stella Cider and that's all i wanted to drink. (i had apple beer once and ever since then ive been in love) by the end of the afternoon the chick already knew me and had a drink ready to go every time i showed up. since frank wasnt drinking and i HAD (haha) to take one for the team i was able to use 4 or 5. the other 3 or 4 i gave away to some dudes that ended up at our table. well two dudes with their ladies. 
its funny because the one that was sitting next to me is actually engaged to the chick on the other side of our table. the way they were acting i thought they were on a blind date! haha. they were cool people!

any who, here are some pictures i grabbed on my phone. i was pretty close but not super close. which was okay because i love these dudes. i really do! buuut if im going to be 100% honest...they werent that great live. and i wasnt about to get trampled to unconsciousness for a meh performance. 
the bassist or guitarist, whichever one is dating Hailey from Paramore is a hotttiiiieee!
i used to have suuuch a huge crush on the drummer. 
looking back, those were the days when you were so sure. now you look back and you think "what!" on a lot of things lol!!! 

other highlights of the day!
  • you see the tickets above!? i won those!!! woohoo! okay well let me explain. i actually won Panic at the Disco tickets. they had done a contest right before i won them. the contest for these tickets above was simple: whoever has anything webbed and gets to the front first, wins. remember those 2 couples that were sitting with us (it was actually 3!) well yea one dude had webbed toes! LUCKY! (well cause he won!) then right after, the dj dude was like "who likes panic at the disco!?" and i just started yelling because free is ALWAYS good, like i stated above! so then he had this contest. pretty simple. whoever can yell Lightning (from KROQ) the loudest wins. time for leslie confession #823498 i used to have this dream. that you could put me in a stadium. me by myself on one side and as many people as you wanted on the other. no matter how loud they yelled. i was always louder. little old me vs a trillion people (figuratively speaking). well, my dream came true this day! it wasnt a huge crowd....BUT I STILL WON!!!!!! i yelled sooo freakin loud!!! (and if you remember it was my yelling that got Moni's shirt signed by Steve Angelo!) as soon as i won i texted frank and i guess he told the dude that had won before me. apparently hes a HUGE Panic fan so he offered to switch with me. win win WIN!!!! i wanted Arcade Fire tickets which he won and he wanted Panic which i won. it was a perfect match made in heaven! we switched and were both happy and my friend Jonathan is counting down the days until we go!!! :D i must admit im not a HUGE fan of arcade, i know the basics but i was definitely stocked to have switched. 
  • they had a cd winning contest...if you showed them your library card you'd win a cd. we were sitting too far and i ran to slow (i didnt want to bump in to anyone) so i lost. waah. luckily it was a cd from a band i have never heard of. 
  • they had a contest where the person with the dumbest tattoo would win a pair of tickets to arcade fire. this dude won because he has taco bell logo tatted on him. as well as that zebra from that early 90's gum. that fruit something. also, he had casper! poor dude's left leg lol!!! some girl was trying to compete and she was like " i got my ex's name on my ahem cooch. he broke up with me the next day so i got a crappy bow on top of it to cover it." she then proceeded to show it to us. oh man. im scarred for life. 
all in all it was a fun new experience. we met cool people (Congrats to the soon to be married couple. they're getting married during labor day weekend!) i finally saw NFG and even though we left during the 2nd half of their performance (the horses kept running every 15 minutes so they were on and off for a bit) it was still a lot of fun!

apparently KROQ hosts events there often so im going to have to look in to that so i can go again! (: 

thanks for reading!

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