Foster The People (Mural Wall DTLA)

get ready for a picture over load (not really. only 13) 

last Friday i dragged franks with my to DTLA to go snap pictures of the infamous FTP Mural. 
you would think that since i live in LA i'd know what's happening but alas my friends, i do not. i am the last person to ask. 

apparently, this BEAUTIFUL wall was going to come down because several permits that were approved the first time around were no longer valid. 
a super duper amazing fan started a petition online to save this mural and she got over 12,000 signatures. had i known, i would have been one of those. (see what i mean? no clue!) 
even the mayor said "Heck No! its staying!"
you can read more about it here
its amazing how people can come together for an awesome cause like this when need be. 

enjoy the photos! (: 
i work for a security company who does work all over DTLA. this was is actually a few blocks from several of our posts. i geeked out when in foud out! :D
isnt she a beauty!!!
Autumn is the chick who started this whole thing! 
you KNOW people love her. LOTS!
heck, even the band!
i would try to write down what it says but that bright pink bugs my eyes out on the screen! ahh!
okay, okay, ill go back and write it down if you insist! :D
"life is too short to be anything but HAPPY"
and i remember being at work all bored!
i couldve been out here!
i like how the person traced the middle finger lol!
'' (: hey good job on that thing"

and here is the video where you can watch it all go down. 
.....isnt it AMAZING!!!!
all that work that went in to it! why would you want to take it down? 

apparently some of the band members were in DTLA yesterday to give out posters and what not from 12-4. i was stuck at work. luckily i got to go to DTLA for work. unfortunately it was 2 hours too early! lol.
its okay. i just wanted to see this beautiful piece before it went down!
i love it!
(**ps. i have a million more pictures of random street art coming up on another post!)

thanks for reading!,


  1. Oh my gosh, those colors <3 Gorgeous!

    Michelle |

    1. right?
      i was in awe when i drove in to the lot!
      ill be posting more street art pictures tomorrow if you would like to see more.

      thank you so much for your comment and for reading!!!
      xoxo - Les


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