DTLA Street Art

sometimes work sends me to Downtown LA to drop off / pick up one of our officers at one of our sites.
if i get lucky and its just a drop off (and i have the time) i wonder around and find me some art. 
i geek out, take pics, share here and smile for the rest of the day because I LOVE IT!!!
when  i got off the 4th street exit this was the first one i saw. 
i immediately knew i was going to go back and look for this. 
sure enough i found it and i caught a couple of more! (: 
(i just couldn't get directly in front of it)
take a peek

when trying to find the wall above, this was the first little dude i found. 
its says who its from at the bottom but i didn't have time to check it out since i was parked in the red and i was trying to be quick about it. 
love this dude!
not sure why, but the 3 above remind me of the dudes from Workaholics!
love that show.
i loooove this flamingo painting. 
unfortunately i wasn't able to get a better picture! :(
i want to go back when the sun is not all over it.
(all the pictures above are in the same alley)
i wasn't able to get a better picture of this...but i loved it!
i have a friend who calls me a sloth and since everyone is still on the "Kings won" high, i thought this was pretty awesome!
even the trashcans are artistic!
another love wall!!!!
we should have love walls EVERYWHERE!!!!

a lot of these are near Urth Cafe. i have been wanting to go there for a while and i was all excited when i stumbled upon it. 
i need to go back to DTLA and just walk around and snap pictures. 
but first i need to get a real camera. 
phone pictures can only do so much justice!

dudes all over San Fran. 
cant wait to read in to him some more! :D

hurry up work ans send me downtown again!
**i would like to state that i do not know who painted the images above so i cannot give proper credit....but if you know, let me know! :*

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