Just Remember...

(source unknown. but grabbed from my ig feed)

im not sure that it was Wu Tang that said this. i mean they could have, but a million other people could have said this as well. 
basically, this is just a reminder. 
when shit hits the fan, you have to remember that you are your #1 fan. 
you do you and work for you and take care of yourself. 
everything that is meant to be will simply be. 
leave all the negativity alone. 

this is a good reminder for me personally right now. 
specially after last night. 

everything happens for a reason. 
this just means that everything from now will only look up. 
......and i cannot wait. 

have a great Saturday everyone. 
off to clean my room and watch Bob's Burgers. (yes im H O O K E D!!!)
thanks for hearing my little baby rant. 

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