Hello April!

isn't it crazy that were 4 (!!!!) months in to the new year already!
i mean where is time going!? 
i know i said it last month but I'm going to say it again. 
i know its already April but jebus! its barely April!?
i feel that towards the middle of the month i kept thinking to myself "how is it still March!? it feels like it should be June by now."
i kept thinking that i had missed a "new month post!" 
i know, i know. appreciate the time you have and trust me i do but it was slow  motion status!

How I Met Your Mother ended last night and while i did miss it and missed the last half of season 9 (btw...when the heck did we start doing that Christmas break stuff? i don't member!!!) how did you NOT see Ted ending up with Robin!?
i mean come on!!!!
it was a given!
i cant wait to catch it completely on netflix.
they need to hurry up!!!

like i said in my last snapshot Sunday post, i FINALLY got that book i was looking for. 
the one about questions and answers for 5 years!
i think Ive decided to share that on here every Friday or so. the only thing that sucks is that i missed the first 3 months soo yea...and i was going to go back but some of the questions involve that day specifically and i want to keep it as honest as possible.
i don't remember what my favorite word was on February 12th. (see what i mean!) i know 5 years is a long way from now but i cant wait to see the changes throughout the years!

today is April fool's day.
i have no one to joke!
well correction. i cannot pull a prank to save my life.
my little brother was in the restroom today in the morning and to prank me he said that my make up bag had fallen in the toilet.
i got scared.
i don't own a lot of makeup let alone the expensive kind but still!!!!
(and specially after he goes in there.....the end! x_x)
then he was all like....APRIL FOOLS!!!
speaking of, tomorrow is my baby brothers birthday! he's turning 16.
(cue tears!) my baby is growing up.
lord knows how much i want to strangle him! (:
.....strangle him with love.
just keeding. who am i fooling.
we're having a little party for him on sunday since his bday falls in the middle of the week and i have class on wednesdays. 
cant wait!

March. March was another calm month. 
im thankful for everything in March but the one thing im hella grateful for is that the ticket i got when i went to vegas was only $350. yes thats a lot but i had a fear of it being $500+ so im A-OK with that!

its the little things man!
the little things. 

last night i headed out to Lake Elsinore and the stars at night were BEAUTIFUL. 
i need to find a way to catch more views like that. 
simply stunning. 

well April friends, lets welcome this month with a bang!
lets make it an awesome month! :D

thanks for reading! 

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