Snapshot Sunday {104-110]

Happy Easter everyone! 
hope you are having a great time with family and loved ones!!!
how can i be mad about being forced to go to another register when seeing this sign at school? 
luckily i wasn't buying anything, the lane wasn't closed, i was just snapping a picture!
family portrait.
brother .. chester .. chonch 
watching parenthood on my brothers smart tv. 
can you believe its over!? ...hopefully just the season and NOT the series!!!!!
every episode this season I've watched it with tears in my eyes and this one, the last one.....not a single tear!
Sarah and Hank!!!!Aand amber...a baby!? with Ryan? 
and Drew's in Oregon!? 
and Julia and Joel! whats going on!? 
and the new house! i was heart broken when they were deciding to sale it!
i was attached to that house myself!
and Haddie! shes back and she has a girlfriend and i love that Kristina welcomed here with open arms. 
but Adam. i love the moment Adam realizes Haddie's friend is more than a friend. 
please NBC if there is one good deed you do this year, please let it be having Parenthood back!
(wow that was a long one...but still!)
if you have not seen parenthood, get your girls, open up netflix and be prepared to have a marathon. 
i think to cope with the loss in my life, I'm going to watch all my seasons of Gilmore Girls! <3
Captain America. 
H O L Y - S M O K E S 
guys, fun Leslie fact #285728374: I'm not a comic book nerd ( i need to change that). 
and movies, I'm more of a comedy or chick flick person. 
my friend frank brought up the idea to go see it and i told him i was down. 
i - n e e d - t o - s t o p - n o t - s e e i n g - t h e s e - k i n d - of - m o v i e s !!!
i was at the edge of my seat. it was awesome!!!!
 i looooooooved it!!!!
i meant to send this as a snapchat and i find it super awesome that it of course would catch the image that it did! (:
guys!!!! D:
on Thursday i was heading to work (late like always) and while turning on the main street by my house i saw this cutie!
he was crossing a main road and i of course had to stop had i not who knows where this little guy might have ended up. 
i stopped in the middle of the street and he walked right to my car. 
i was surprised because dogs usually tend to run away. 
he was sooo tired that he didn't even fight it. as soon as he got under my glove compartment he passed out. 
i ended up taking him to seaaca. i REALLY want to keep him but the correct thing for me to do was to take him to see if he was chipped. 
of course he was not and of course he didn't have a collar. 
I'm first in line to adopt him. 
the only thing its $110 to get him out and additional fees with registration and so on. 
I'm really heartbroken because i want him but we already have two!
i don't know what to do. 
guys, please please PLEASE chip your dogs! or at least have a collar with your info on it. 
please. please do it yourself and tell your family and friends. 
i know if i lost my babies and i couldn't find em because of something so small I'd be really upset with myself!
did you guys catch the red moon? 
i went to Santa Monica beach and caught the process. 
it wasn't red until i got home at like 1 am. 
picture wise i couldn't see it on my phone but person wise it was like a burgundy color around 1. 
i heard it wasn't until almost 330 that it was in full red mode. 
i caught chonch asleep like this on Thursday before i left to work (hence me being late but hey! everything happens for a reason!) 
i find it sooo funny that her butts in the air while her upper half is toasty warm under the blankets. 
i loooooove her!

its so weird. 
its already back to work tomorrow but i feel so at peace even though i worked yesterday! 
this coming weekend, if all works out, i will be in San Francisco!
cannot wait!

thanks for reading.
hope you have a great rest of your weekend. 


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