Snapshot Sunday {90-96}

Sunday at home with a possible eye infection!

so my running is still going on and i LOVE it!!!! and after my two crappy days in a row it was nice to go on a run and run in to this: "God <3s U"
i saw this on the way to the pier. on my way back i couldn't find it which got me a bit sad but further down the bike path i saw another one. 
its a pretty great thing to see when you're having some sort of self doubt. 
April 2nd. 
apparently its everyone's birthday that day. 
Rae texted me telling me it was on of our coworkers birthday so i whipped up this cure little bday banner
baby Chris!!!!!!
what a cutie!!!!!
i just want to eat him up! watching him eat up strawberries is the cutest thing ever!
learning chemistry in a porta-poty! the best way to learn!!!!!
I'm never decorating for my brother again. 
also, i saw this cute hooray idea so i to do it as well (sorry i lost the link)
my sister was like "does that say hooor-hay?" 
my brother thought it said "hoodrat" from his window. 
and my mom, well that...le sigh. 
goodbye end of the day run!
i gotta say im loving this whole running thing! 
never thought i would!
on the candy hunt with this cutie. 
and my sister. 

last night while i was showering i noticed my eye was hurting so i went to bed hoping it'd be gone. woke up at 9 it was still there so i went to bed after putting on some moving units on pandora. woke up at 12 and its still there but....amazing to wake up so late!!!

its now almost 5 (i hate that come weekends 5 pm hits all quick but a workweek, oh no!) and it still somewhat hurts. 
i went to tell my sister and she was like "cool!" then pushed me out of her room. 
my mom's like "youll be fine" and then she sends me to make two trips to drop off 5 tables and 40 chairs. 
i love my car. it fit EVERYTHING!!! you know, first tables then chairs. 

im watching something's gotta give. 
have you seen that movie? 
man that scene where all Erika does is cry.......ANNOYING!

any who, i hope you had a great weekend. i scored some OT yesterday and im off this friday for a trip with my cousins which im SUPER excited about! (: i cant wait!!!!

have a great weekend and fantabulous week ahead!
oh!, and also, send some super duper awesome prayers to Shannon! she's having her baby boy today (If she hasnt already!) cant wait to see that cutie!

thanks for reading, love you all! 

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