Q & A a day { 3/30 to 4/4 2014}

remember that lovely little book i talked about waaay back when (in the beginning of the year and once again here) and how bad i wanted it and couldn't wait to start it!? 
well, 4 months into the year and here we are!!
 i never went back to The Grove to go to Anthropologie to buy it (even though i eat at a restaurant across the street....CONSTANTLY) but i found it when i went to The Huntington (another post on that coming up). actually i found a section of books i thought might have it and once i was ready to give up boom! it presented itself to me!
you better believe it was excited!

any who, im ready to share what's inside!
of course being 4 months late sucks but better late than never and while i know that its Saturday i really want to do this on Friday's (sundays are already a packed blogging day for me!). 

so without further ado, here we go. 

most questions are pretty basic nothing to ahh!! but incase there are any ill post as honest (as i wrote in the book) as i possibly can. there might be things im not ready to publicly blog about (and no i have not skipped ahead and read all the questions. im really surprised because any given book i automatically skip to the end!) 

here we go!

March 29,2014 {Saturday}
Q: Write down a few lines from a song or a poem that you identify with today.
A: "You tell me time never waits, well that's okay cause i dont wait for time." Monsoon by Jack Johnson. 
i love this song! i cannot tell you how many times i have driven around listening to only that song. JJ knows how to soothe my soul! <3

March 30,2014 {Sunday}
Q: Pick a color for today. 
A: well, i went hiking today and im in all black. But my fave color is green and my nails are red. Lets make it a rainbow. :)

March 31,2014 {Monday}
Q: What inventions can you not live with? 
A: electricity? i mean you basically can't do anything without it no? i need an "awesomer" answer for next year!

April 1,2014 {Tuesday}
Q: Who are you fooling? 
A: If im being honest with myself and this, myself. Hopefully next year i'll look back at this and laugh. what an idiot i have been. 
{t} (this is one of those private notes for me...) 

April 2,2014 {Wednesday}
Q: Who do you feel closest to? 
A: i don't know which is a shitty answer but you know, that's what it is at the moment. the one person i miss wont be around for a while so hey. :(
man, i was in a mood those two days. im better now but i can definitely say that one quote has a lot to do with this change. "do not chase people. work hard and be you. the right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay." -unknown 

April 3,2014 {Thursday}
Q: Did you have fun today? because? 
A: YES!!! my run today was great not where i'd wana be but def better from where i started. it was amazing! "GOD <3s YOU" (will post this pic tomorrow!) seeing that, EVEN BETTER!
proof: its Saturday and my body is sore. i love it. i need new running shoes asap!
i looove it! (:

April 4,2014 {Friday}
Q: If you could wish for one thing to happen today what would it be? 
A: (disclosure: i was asleep still when i read this apparently because i didn't see the today part of the question so my answer was basically for a "any wish" kinda question! 
-(actual answer:) no abandoned animals! i hate seeing stray dogs! (and cats!).
Humans can fend for themselves (to an extent i guess) but animals deserve to be protected. 
 when i answered this i meant it in the simple terms that, i HATE seeing stray animals (dogs and cats). i hate seeing animal abuse. it hurts my heart to know that there are so many abandoned dogs everywhere. i seriously wish i could take them all in!!!
of course there is a lot all of us could be doing but if everything were oh so simple..well you know how that works. but i should really look into majoring in this field. 
my dream would be to own my own HUGE place where i could take in strays and care for them and be able to foster them without the threat of euthanizing because they havent found a home in a few days. 


well thats it for this week!!! 
crazy how some simple questions can evoke such feelings. 

follow along with me! (: 
start your own book (or you can purchase here (but if you buy, buy it on amazon instead. i swear thats NOT what i paid for it. i could have purchased 2!!! eeek!!! -.-))
if you do decided to start on your blog, leave me a link. i'd like to learn a little bit about you! (:

thanks for reading. 
have a great Saturday!

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