Snapshot Sunday {97-103}

can you believe we just hit the 100 days mark! :o 
(and my 200th post!!!! what i have been talking about for so long!? :D ) 
time is flying byyyy!
sorry for (another) late snapshot Sunday. 
another Vegas trip and hanging out time in DTLA last night with my cousins!
Josh after all is only in LA from Oregon 46/52 weeks out of the entire year!!!!
(just keeding!) 
a-heeere we go!
i forgot to post this! i thought it was so awesome as an April fools joke. 
i wasn't able to honk and say hi though! :(
this kid!!! <3 <3 <3 (insert iPhone emoji of the little face with hearts for eyes!!!) 
me and my sister were having netflix marathon night and chess as always, was asleep under the covers. 
i guess it got stuffy for him because this is how he ended up!
eek!!!! <3
i LOVE freeways. 
i love how they intertwine. 
woohooo!!!! #100!
i saw this bike at school the other day. i think on Wednesday. 
i thought this was soooo funny!
I'm sure that will make for a comfy ride!
me personally, i would've strapped a pillow to it!
i had a sty on Monday and i was basically in dire need of an eye patch (not really!) so i called outta work. 
to make myself feel better, i had a "treat yo'self" day at ihop! (:
stuffed french toast will ALWAYS have my heart! 
what a cutie patootie!
i missed him this weekend. til he started barking at me!
reading inside a bathtub with a nice drink on the side. 
i love The Vdara Hotel
will DEFINITELY stay there again!
on another note: i know i have been quiet on the book front but trust me! after my last read, i have tried reading 2 books that did not keep my focus at all. i think i might be able to maybe finish one in the near 25 years but its not on my priority to read list. both might be going on back to the goodwill or dollar book store!
and yes i have seen this movie. 
and yes i frigging LOVE it. 
so yes, i do love the book even more! (: 

sorry for the delay. 
can i make it up to you!? 
let's go have donuts. 
speaking off, i still have my a donut friend gift card. 
let go there!

thanks for reading!
have an awesome blossom possum week ahead of you! 

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