Happy · Birthday ♥

what a hottie! and yes i know i look like a cracked out rabbit! :E

Happy Birthday Gladys !!!!

i just wanted to take a quick second to say happy birthday in this little blogosphere world to my best fren Gladys!
I've known this chick since middle school (even though we didn't start talking until high school.)
you know that saying "true friendship is not being inseparable, its being separated and even with time nothing changes."(or something like that. i really need to get my quote life down man!) .....well that's what she is to me! <3
i love this chick!
we don't always talk and we rarely see each other because LIFE but when we do its like no time has passed. 

welcome to 26 my friend. 
26 has neva looked better. 
and quite frankly i cannot wait to see what life has in store for us. 
i cannot wait for Ethan to be 16/17 so i can go over and embarrass him with you in front of his friends! :D

I LUH U FREN!!!!! ♥
many happy birthdays and wishes because you deserve them all!!!!!

and simply because my friends are total babes! 8 year friendships in the making! i love these girls!
Jess, Gladys, Me the cracked out rabbit and Carla!
happy bday again and again!
cant wait to go eat chinese food tomorrow! :D
(its actually the best chinese food! and it was her wish so haaay!) 

thanks for reading! 

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