Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

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isbn: 978-0-7653-32118-5 (but there are several)
published 2004
read from: 4/8-16/2014

i LOVED this movie!!!! (and book!)
but then again i saw the movie before i read the book so I'm probably biased because of that. 
(i HATED the Safe Haven Movie but looooved the book. it so happens that i read the book then saw the movie so you know, i think it depends how you jump in to it.)

i saw this book on my last trip to B&N. As i was aimlessly wandering around for something to jump at me, i saw this book and at $4.98 i couldn't say no!
since my last read, i tried reading 2 other books that!
then i went through my "to read" pile and stumbled upon this book (again.)

i was set. 

I'm the kind of person that always has a book at reach (currently right now 3. this one to write my post, my new book to start reading and my 365 Q & A book!) so i had this book with me everywhere. i even read this book in Vegas while i was swimming in a very warm bathtub at the very nice Vdara hotel.
because of school it took me a while to fully commit but once i did i was HOOKED!!!!

I'm sure you've seen the movie or even read the book so i won't go into too much detail but here we go. 

Rachel & Darcy have been best friends since elementary. 
Rachael is the kind of girl that obeys all the rules, does what's expected of her and rarely falls out of line. 
Darcy is the free spirit wild child. what she believes she deserves she gets. 

Rachel moves to New York to attend law school and becomes a lawyer whereas Darcy one day decides to move and ends up with a nice PR job. 

Dex was a colleague of Rachel's and while she did feel something for him 7 (!!!) years ago, as did he, she (he tried a liiiiitle bit) never made a move because she believed that a guy that "good looking" was way out of her league. so of course she introduces him to Darcy and the rest is history.

in the book, it all starts at Rachel's 30th birthday bash at a bar that Darcy throws for her. 
Darce gets smashed so Dex takes her home and then comes back when she notices she left her bag back at the bar (just like in the movie). 

Rachel and Dex go to another bar and as they are leaving they start making out in the cab and hook up back at her place. 


what i love about the book was the fact that Darcy was not the only best (close) friend she has. we get to meet Hilary and i love her because she is suuuuch a total guys girl. make up and up-to date trends do not phase her one bit. and she's all team Rachel even when she finds out about the affair. 
she's not one to full heartedly believe in love like every other love sick girl out there but its nice that they give her someone! (: 

there's also a couple of other girls back home in Indiana but they play a somewhat small role so it wasn't necessary for me to mention them. 

Ethan (finally) makes an appearance. i was starting to get worried that he was non-existent in the book because it took a while to get to him but in the movie he lives in new york THEN leaves to England, London, across the pond lets call it.
**SPOILER!* in the book Ethan was married (!!!) and there was talks of a baby (which i thought....had it died? since there was a in my last read) but it just so happens that  the woman he "had" a baby with had actually cheated on him (they got married when they found out and he never once suspected she cheated) and once the baby was born low and behold, like Ethan it did not look! **SPOILER OVER** 

In the movie he professes his love to Rachel when she tells him that shit hit the fan with Dex. i guess they did it that way so they wouldn't have to write his whole book story line in. 
for the most part, the movie made him way more dramatic. 
i like that he was real chill in the book. 

Rachel & Dex (and a little bit of Marcus)
The affair starts after her birthday party and from the beginning Dex has no remorse over it. 
like NONE whatsoever.
ill skip over all the drama but i will say that Rachel and Marcus went on several dates and she even tried to make out with Marcus to get over Dex the few times that they did fight (none of this happened in the movie!) 

**book spoiler** in the book, Darcy loses her wedding ring because she took it off at her flings house (she felt guilty wearing it while she was cheating) so she comes clean to Rachel (minus the HEY! it was Marcus part!) it isn't until the very end that (when Dex is hiding in the closet) Darce tells Rachel it was in fact Marcus and that she's actually pregnant. 
That's when Darcy notices a watch exactly like Dex's on Rachel's drawer (i love the lied she tried throwing at her to cover up) that she learns about Rachel and Dex. 
what's even more awesome!!!!!: she catches Dex in the closet down to his boxers and STILL tries to give him shit about cheating even though she's pregnant (not that that makes her worse. i mean cheating is cheating ya know!) **spoiler over**

one scene that i LOVED in the movie that did not make the book was the scene at the end when Rachel is picking up Dex's dry cleaning and she runs into Darcy and they have that awkward conversation. 
i really loved that scene. 
I'm sad it wasn't in the book!

like i said. 
i loved it all!!!

i think from now on I'm going to do movie first then book so i can appreciate both as they are because lets face it; watching the movie after the book will ALWAYS break your heart! (too bad I'm reading into the wild! -.- before seeing the movie!)

if you've read the book / seen the movie, let me know what you think!
thanks for reading!

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