giant jenga DIY // happy bday B

giant jenga diy
hey guys!
we celebrated B's birthday yesterday and being the good girlfriend that i am, i made him a homemade giant jenga set! (: 

he loves playing this. specially at breweries so this was a no brainer as a gift. 
i dont have a step by step because its thaaat easy to do buuut its also available here

but just in case (because it involves math and i haaaate math!) you will need: 

  • SIX (6) 2x4 pieces of plywood (96 inches in length) the smoother the better. 
    • you will then cut them in to 10.5 inches.
    • **side note: abm's jenga calls for 48 pieces. i didn't realize til after i started painting that i actually had 54 pieces. while i don't think there's a "limit" I'd stick to the 48 and save the other 6 in case a piece gets busted. (okay i realized, i just didn't think to save the 6 extra pieces.) 
  • your choice of color of paint. (as many as you want!) i chose 6 and went for an ombre look (in blue because that's his fave color) craft paint works just as fine as regular paint (as used in the abm tutorial) craft paint in my opinion just happens to dry faster. 
    • since i did 6 colors, i only used a little bit of each color so 1 bottle of each color was more than enough for me. it could vary depending on the amount of colors you chose to use. 
  • x amount of brushes for your paints. 
  • a sanding block to sand down the sides so you can paint them well. 
get to sanding down the sides and paint away! it took me about 2 hrs to sand down and paint possibly less. the wood in total cost me about $18 and change. the paint cost me $7 because i bought 2 bottles of each color so its way less than that cause each bottle is $.69. the brushes i already had as well as the sand block. 
im thinking less than $30 for sure.
this was a hit!
every Sunday there's a family bbq at his house but because it was his birthday, everyone was there! 
all the grown ups and the little kids played a game and whoever won got to write their name on a block of their choice. 
we played against Sophie and Steve and thanks to Steve, we won so i wrote on a block!
woot woot!
couples jenga for the win!
once everyone was gone, we had a one on one beer pong game and miraculously, i woooon!!! 
custom donuts from CA Donuts
over all, it was a great day. he says he had a blast and im so happy!
here's to our first of hopefully many birthdays to come together!

happy bday babes! <3


  1. Awww man! What a lucky guy you have. That jenga looks amazing and custom donuts. SO JEALOUS.

    1. aaawww! thanks so much! (: *blushing*
      it was so easy to make!!!

      and the donuts SO good! but truthfully, smaller than i thought they's be. but still oh so good!
      if ya ever some to california...trip time! (:

  2. This is such a great gift. I love that breweries often have the giant Jenga sets, but at least you made it in case there isn't. The colors are cool too. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. thanks so much!
      i also made it so i can beat him at a couple of games! ;)
      but i like that i know it'll get used very often since they religiously bbq every sunday!

      definitely a good investment!


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