P.s. I still love you by Jenny Han

published 2015
isbn: 978-1-4424-2675-7 (ebook) 
read from: 7/10-15/2015 (3675 (ebook) pages) 

i just re-read the post i wrote for the first book in this series and i am laughing my ass off; i am a joke. 
i also stand by what i said in the end, about how this book or series or whatever could have ended JUST FINE in the first book (oh i how i pray she doesn't flip this and makes a third book.)
now, don't get me wrong. what the author did in the first book, which was flip my emotions like a banana in a blender, she did once again with this book. but i mean let me cut to the chase, so super mega spoiler alert...she ends up with Peter. 

if ya wanna read the book definitely go for it i don't think you'll regret it. BUT if you want the gist of it, here it goes. 

in the first book she ends off with Dear Peter.... translation: they break up. 
in this book, she finishes the letter, she goes to his house but doesn't give it to him and finally talks to him. by the way, remember when i said i wish she'd just talk instead of write letters, i take it back. anyways, they both play hard to get. they bullshit, he sees the letter in her pocket, he takes/reads it and they decide "hey lets make this work." 

for most of the book from there on, its "somebody released a "sexy" video of us making out in the hot tub at the ski trip sooo its time to find out who did it." turns out Peter was supposed to meet up with Gen in the first place but of course we all know that LJ beat Gen to the hot tub hence the video recording and their relationship starting. 
of course LJ knows it was Gen and tells Peter but she plays the stupid part when he denies it on her behalf. and yes Peter eventually verifies that it was in fact Gen that shot and sent the vid to Anonybitch on ig buuuuut does nothing to you know, set the record straight.

so they break up and LJ i wouldn't call it dates but goes out with John (the model UN student towards the end of the last book.) and he's freaking everything we could have ever wanted but nooooo.
she becomes all miss independent, dumps Peter when she realizes that he's not over Gen and starts, i duno, living life. 
all that and she still ends up with Peter. 
i think what bothered me about that was that Peter was always team Gen. she did all this nasty shiz to harm LJ and he never once defended her. (YES i know its a book. i told you i get attached.) 
all this dumb ass drama over a freaking boy! 
and you know why he never defended her? cause Gen's dad has been cheating on her mom with someone who's basically their age so she's ya know, a little bit torn up about it (i wouldn't say a little but i wont spoil it all for you! i have some heart.) and i guess he's being the good guy and all but ya know (yes i know...it's still a fake story) defend your woman!

anyways, yea they end up together. 
the end. 

okay the end for that but yea. 
i don't know. 
uhm im mixed. 
i still 100% believe this could have been a 1 book story buuuuut i am not an author so what do i know. 
i guess she did a good job if i feel all sorts of everything about this book. 

have you read this book? 
what did you think? 
you think im basically crazy huh? looks like we're friends now! :D
and uhm, there's still some stuff that i left out cause you know, i like to mess with your emotions! (: 

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