To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

published 2014
isbn: 978-1-4424-2675-6
read: forgot when i started to 2/19/2015

whaaat? 3 books in one month!
i know, I'm on a roll!

this woman has messed with my emotions on a whole 'nother level!
i don't know whether to applaud her or be mad at her for the rest of my life!!!
i got this book cause i saw it was the Internet buzz all over IG (Okay, it was Lauren Conrad's book club selection of the month...which, i went back to look for and hmmm its gone now) that, and it was on sale for $1.99 for my nook!

i get all sorts of feelings with books and its characters. 
i fall in love with them, i root for the good guys, i hope and pray the couple that belongs together makes it through but this book had me all sorts of ups and down. 
i loved it and then i hated it and then i loved it again and then i wish i could slap the crap out Lara Jean. 

so, this book is based on 5 love letters that 16 year old LJ has written to guys she has fallen in love with through out her life. I'm all for teenage love! never say a teen hasn't fallen in love because you never know BUT 5!!!! girl, chill. 
anyways, the letters were written and addressed but never sent. until they were. 
A) I've heard of the "write a letter but never send it" method. I'm all for it. BUT WHO THE HELL ADDRESSES THEM if they ain't guna send em?!
B) there is no b but you gotta follow the a with something...... anyway so the dilemma in this is that....
one of the letters is addressed to her older sisters now ex boyfriend. 
now before you jump ship, LJ liked (loved in her case) Josh waaaay before Margot started dating him. LJ is just dumb and doesn't know how to open her mouth which screwed her over cause Josh did like her first. 
(but still how weird. I've heard of homie hopping but sister hopping!?)

aaannnyyways, to settle all the drama, one of the other guys that got a letter, Peter Kavinsky and her set up this elaborate plan that they will pretend to be dating so that a) she can save face with Josh and b) (aha! there is a b this time!) they can get Gen jealous. who is Gen you ask? she is Peter's (i really want to say Peter Pescadero SO bad! ...quick where's that from!) ex and he wants to make her jealous!

long story short; LJ, GAH! YOURE KILLING ME SMALLS!!!!
she and peter end up falling in love. of course there's drama involved,  she finds a way to mess it all up (well it was Peter and Josh's fault) 

but then of course the book ends with "Dear Peter,"
because a) of course she cant call a motherf* up and talk like the normal delusional teen that she is and HAS to leave trace of her crap and b) there will be a sequel cause get this, THERE'S ANOTHER DUDE!
she finally found "love" (oops!) and her she goes messing shit up!

as you can tell this book left me angry and quite frankly could have been finished correctly but of course, here comes book #2. (which, unless its on sale, hello library!) 

all i know is that Kitty is the baby sister i have always wanted and if there's one thing I'll miss about this story is her. Margot is just ugh. 

this book post is brought to you by the word 'UGH!" and "GAH"

if you've read it or plan on picking it up, let me know what you think! 
thanks for reading! ;*

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