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Heart eyes emoji valentines day card - red yellow iphone cute simple emoticon heart love general love galentines day
Kiss face emoji Valentine funny card - red yellow iPhone emoticon Valentines day simple greeting
here & here
just got the top card from Carlee's Etsy Shop. i will be sending out several of em to friends that live out of the states.
i don't think I've ever purchased something from etsy so fast in my life! i love them!!!

washi tape #ftw!!!

i love everything about this look!

and this one. (buuut minus the pink coat)
in process sock knitting
thoughts on busy. 
i love Elise's look on the word busy.
Scout Sixteen - Express January
man crush everyday!
Cuddle as much as possible

prepare to cry your guts out.
String Words Wall-Hanging DIY | Oh Happy Day!
this is so cute to try at home and then gift it!
imagine all the things you can say.
will ferrell is the best! and these 3 together are better than Katy Perry was at the super bowl!
please sign them up for next year! please and thanks! (btw, HELL YEAH PATS!!!!)

burger cupcakes! whaaat!!!? yes!!!!
Bayfield Sometimes Gracefully 7
i need snow in my life guys! 
these pictures are just beautiful!!

thanks for surfin the interwebs with me!


  1. Omg that article about the dog!! Didn't expect to cry this morning!!


    1. right!?
      i thought it was just me!
      lately there have been some good news going around in the web and i love it!
      its time for some good stuff!

      did you hear about the dude in Detroit who raised money for the guy who walked 10 miles to and from work!? thats crazy!
      and Brandon from HONY and how he helped raised a butt load of money for a school in NY.
      love all that good stuff!!!!

  2. All those washi tape designs are amazing! How do people think of this stuff? Also thanks for the feature, I am so glad you liked your cards!!!

    1. i know!!! that city skyline one!!! ive always wanted this huge frame from ikea that im pretty sure ill never get so this is perfect. specially since i dont have a headboard on my bed!

      youre welcome!!! i had to share them. i absolutely loved em! although, i did keep the stickers to myself.
      i will definitely be buying more! :D


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