Snapshot Sunday // 6

hi guys!
sorry im soon as i got home from work last night (945) it was lights out. 
im exhausted man....its okay, its almost Feb 28th! im thismuchcloser to FINALLY having a weekend off after like a month plus. i cannot wait!
so here i am lets get started!!!

(oh by the way!, how was your valentines day? mine was a hot fun mess! haha cant wait to recap!) 

member how Jan's month resolution was to clean out my closet? 
well here's proof!
that pile on the side are all the clothes i got rid of. and now my closet is super empty!
they opened up a new coffee shop sorta by my house. 
their watermelon juiced sucked so haaard and i dont drink coffee but this table is a win and a must!!!!
i want it!!! a table of books. YES PLEASE!!!
celebrating birthdays at work!
making my own confetti for....
...these!!! member that ig giveaway i won. (here's what the cards look like) this is how i decorated them!
i LOVED how the backs of these came out that i HAD to take pictures!!!
7 of these were for here in California so im sure they have arrived by now....the other one is on its way to not sure how long that takes. 

also!, i committed to 6 months worth of ABM Happy mail so if ya want a card for your birthday or just for fun email me (link above!) and ill send ya one right over! 
colors looking nice as i leave work
LOVE this nail polish color my sister got. too bad nail polish only lasts like 2 minutes before it starts chipping! :(
baby girl got her shots and a haircut. shes all naked now :(
she looks so different. we had to put a little red dress on her since shes always cold now. 


thanks for reading guys! 
gotta get back to work!
ill be back shortly with some valentines day stories. hot mess for sure. haha. 


  1. aw your dog is adorable!


    1. thank you! (:
      she looks so weird naked but still, oh how i love her so!!! <3


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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