2015, AAHHHH!!!! ....and some (monthly) goals

15 (!) days in to 2015. 
how crazy. 
seems fast but seems appropriate? is that the correct word to use? 

im feeling a little bit better about 2015 now. 
i was freaking out about it for the first couple of days. 
i dont know what it was but it had me freaking out and i had no reason for it.
i have 2 (!) jobs, everyone's happy, healthy and fed. the furry babies are cute and at home and overall i cannot complain but i dont know why. i think i was having a small baby panic attack. 
2015! crazy!

everyone has already posted about their goals and i know i said i wasn't going to worry about that because other than getting out of debt i had nothing else in mind but then i thought to myself "little things should count!"

for example: 
my closet // clothes. 

i have NO FASHION SENSE. hence why you have yet to see an outfit post on here. 
there's times where i throw something together and i LOVE it but i mean nothing like this. (and i SERIOUSLY want to grow up and have that kind of fashion sense!) 
with that being said, i have a sh*t load of clothes just hanging and being stored that i have not used in forever and i know i wont! so get rid of them i shall!!
also, im freakin 27! i need to stop buying forever 21 clothes (which isnt even that often!) and invest in good pieces that will last long and can be re-used wisely over a period of time. 

so for the month of January, my itty baby resolution is to clean my junk clothes out. 
not only my closet but all my arts and crafts stuff too.
thankfully this is a long weekend so im purging everything in my room!!!

its seems like a small little thing but it gets talked about a lot all over the blog world! and i want to try it. i want to clean up and start acting like an adult! dammit 27, we are guna grow the heck up!
and i think its safe to say that 2015 will be the year of monthly resolutions for me. 

lets do this!
what are your resolutions? 
share and lets talk! ;)

thanks for reading!


  1. I totally freaked out to when 2015 came (definitely classified as a small panic attack) but I couldn’t figure out what was ‘wrong’ either. Cause nothing was wrong haha. Now that we are a couple weeks into it I feel better. I have a few goals for the new year but I always wait until my birthday in February to make them official so that way I have some time to get my feet under me. Anyways I need to clean up my closet as well and the rest of the home. And just put with stuff (but then what if I need it....) AHHHHH haha


  2. 2015 Resolution. Photo challenges.
    I want to take photographs monthly.

    Maybe start that blog I've been wanting to.
    For now, I just stalk my favorites.


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