Happy Birthday {to me}

thank you tess and sister for this delicious cake!!!
member that cupcake i said was uber delicious? this is the mother of it all!!!

i have to say, when it comes to birthdays, this one takes the cake(s) for me!!!!
last year was so good it was hard to imagine how this one would top it but it did!!!

i seriously have some of the best friends a gal could ask for! (: 

new years started with the LBC Countdown. as soon as it hit Midnight, we said our things and left to Anarchy which was miraculously closed and so we ended up at the Glen. 
im not one to do anything for my birthday because a) its new years. everybody mostly already has things going on b) i HATE planning stuff and depending on people and c) i don't like hosting stuff at my house cause i don't want to clean and i don't want to be responsible for people puking and all that fun stuff (go big or go home right?) so of course the proper thing to do is...GO TO A BAR!!!!
haha. i love you anarchy library; you are seriously the best!
we went on the 3rd seeing as how it was convenient for everyone to be hungover (if they wanted to) on Sunday vs going on a Friday and being hungover on a Saturday. 

Gladys and Jaydeen surprised me with a cake!!!! 
a Bob's Burgers cake! can you believe that!? how well do they both know me!!!???

all in all, it was Gladys & Dennis, Jessica, Monique, Chonch, Abel and Andy and Jaydeen that showed up! thank you thank you thank you!
no one else i would have liked to welcome 27 with! (well a few others but ya know!) 

my momma ans susuki took me to the cheesecake factory on my actual birthday for dinner!
all i wanted was to be by the beach on my birthday so this was pretty sweet cause we were riiiight by the beach! i got the chicken m...something SO GOOD!!!
this picture is super blurry but i love it! you know how Earl from My Name Is Earl ALWAYS closes his eyes when they take a picture? that's my momma. all the more reason why i love this picture; her eyes are actually open! lol 
my little itty bitty cheesecake factory birthday cake! <3 
and now for my anarchy party!
is this cake not the best or what!? 
i dont really remember the cutting part but i do remember picking bits at it and once i did cut it, i just remember cutting out the Louise on the side and eating that part! ahahaha!
drunk cake eating at a bar. whats better than that!? 
we did devour it! and the best part was once it was done, they up and took it away. we didnt even have to clean!
that's the top part i started eating since i had gotten there. 
the guy in the beanie right behind me...i have NO idea who he was but he was helping me out so i fed him too. thanks friend!
then Jessica decided i needed some on my face!
kika // moi // gladys
since high school (almost 10 (!!!!) years ago) 
i love you both from the bottom of my heart!
gladys and i. (i love you friend!) 
random dude // jaydeen // moi // andy!
monique and i 
i seriously love this ^ picture of us!!!! <3 already printed like 15 copies of it. 
been partying (on and off) with this girl since 2008. i just cant quit you!
she's one of my soul mates. love ya mon!
after it was all said and done and it was time to go home, all i wanted was IHOP!
so off we went. i wont lie i was a little bit drunk by them so ya know, all i wanted was food. 
andy somehow learned the code to unlock my phone and i found about 100 pictures of him and jaydeen. haha. good times. 

27 was seriously such a good birthday. 
the actual day of, i had dinner with my mom by the beach and then i binged watched parks and rec. 
the 2nd, my mom made me some of her delicious chicken soup and tess got me a cake. grama came over and it was a family affair. the 3rd i had my shindig and the 4th i went to six flags with my sister and chonch. (the 5th, i scored lunch from a coworker!) 
that's the longest i've ever stretched out my birthday. i love it!!!

thanks to everyone who said happy birthday through text, instagram, or facebook.
thanks to everyone who gifted me something!
but a HUGE thank you to you guys who showed up on Saturday to celebrate with me. you seriously made 27 the best. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

27, lets do this!
thanks for reading. 
i know i skipped SS but ill be back this Sunday. while every other blogger is up and running by now, im still taking a super long lazy break!


  1. Hi!
    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say that you have a very nice blog.
    Happy birthday ! :D


    1. thank you so much! (:
      and thank you for the birthday wishes.

      hope you had a good New Years!

    2. thanks! happy new years to you too~


  2. https://soundcloud.com/mayerhawthorne/her-favorite-song

    1. ha! im pretty sure i know who you are...and no.
      this song has nothing to do with me.
      no crying over NO guy. what for?

  3. Looked like you had a lot of fun. Happy birthday again! xox

    1. i did!!! best one by far!

      thank you so much! you've said happy birthday to me like a million times i love it!!!!
      <3 ya lots!

  4. The song is more than crying over a person. I can see why you would think that.
    Its more about brushing off the "little things" in your life and enjoying yourself.
    So you're right, no crying.
    The rhythm also has a nice beat that helps you close your eyes and picture your favorite place to lay away.
    A Happy Les G., a Happy birthday.
    Play your favorite song and just fade away... at Big Sur possibly?
    The world keeps turning, life goes on. Shake it off. Smile. You certainly have good looks. Show them off.

    But I don't have to tell you these things because I can see in your pics you're living it.
    I am sorry if I offended you. I was listening to that song while reading your blog.
    I liked the instrumental but I couldn't find it.

    -Gse L.

    1. ahh, no! i liked the song!
      sorry if i offended you because i didnt mean too! im soooo sorry!
      i just thought you were possibly someone else! someone who...well no need for that story but thank you so much!!!! i do like what he says about brushing it off and not letting it get to you.

      thank you so much and sorry for the mix up.
      <3 -les

  5. Someone who... Wants to make you upset?
    Forget that.
    Next song will be better.
    I apologize for the mix up.


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