Snapshot Sunday // 3

since i didn't have a set theme this year, i guess ill just wing it. 
i have noticed that i stopped posting about my dogs a lot a while back (at least i think) so they will always appear on these posts and for sure there will ALWAYS be 7 pictures....but if there's more to share, lets do it! the more the merrier. 

i don't know why but i HATE putting my hair up. which is super weird seeing as how i NEVER comb my hair. but there's times where i throw it up right quick before a shower and boom! i like how it looks. this day, it just happened to fall to the side. curse you! also, my phone case is from the $.99 store! :D I've dropped my phone sooo many times face first! the case pops off but i LOVE my droid...tough ass phone...not a crack! (not trying to jinx myself universe. be nice!)
my brother and chonch cuddling! <3
these two! i love how jealous Chester is. but whenever my mom's home he finds a way to get Tessie and i in trouble!
are you watching parks & rec!? this sceeeene!!!!
ahh! why last season whyy!? 
(also, thats what he said!!!) 
late breakfast early lunch with Andy!!!!
omg! that California burger....heaven in my mouth!!!
frank & ish!
i haven't seen frank since last year! so January was a glorious month for me (lol) 
my current desk view. 
books, nail polish, hearts that i made for some garlands i need to send out BEFORE valentine's day, adam's book and carlee's cards! ahh! i love those cards! so effin cute!!! and those stickers! she listed them after i had purchased the cards but she still sent me some! thanks Carlee!!! im being selfish and keeping those!!! but check out her shop and buy some cards for yourself! i love her cards!
i dont know why but my coworker owes me cupcakes. 
he's been owing me cupcakes. instead he brought me some chicken noodle soup to make it even. yes. totally the same. 
best snap ive sent all week! lol
dont leave me with your phone cause ill tell everybody you love butt and ill send stuff like this. 
i LOVE emoji's!!!!
"what do you mean there's no food!?"
ive noticed that lately, i work with several different pens, pencils, highlighters and rulers. at both jobs. I LOVE IT!

how has your weekend been? 
mine has been busy with work, work, bar, sleep and more work lol. 

hope you have a good Sunday. 9pm cant come soon enough for me!
thanks for stopping by!

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