Snapshot Sunday // 1

aaaand we're back to regular scheduled programming!!!
last years goal was to take a picture every day for the year and post em on Sunday. other than that there was nothing really in common within the pictures themselves. 
i thought this year maybe a who, what, when, where, why theme...buuut its not going to happen. 
ill just continue to post 7 every Sunday. no reason other than just cause. 
is it to late to start the 52 week project? no? but i dont have a subject either. 

k, lets get started!
really beautiful sunset last friday! eeek!!! 
tess got me this cup for my birthday!!! eeekk!!! i looove it!!!
also, blurred in the background, the Tina sticker Carlee sent me in the mail. I LOVE IT!
i love bobs burgers!
all black everything! i loooove color but when it comes to wardrobe, im an all black gal!
sandoner. this chick is everywhere!!! caught this going towards the staples center this weekend. 
me and the babes. maybe they should be my 52 week project
went to my very first basketball game. Clippers vs Mavericks. Clippers won!!! woohoo!
i was thinking of doing an all black and white snapshot sunday this year but not all pictures look great in b&w. le sigh. i LOVE these glasses. i just got vision insurance cause i think i might need glasses. if i do end up getting them, i think ill use these frames. 

lets see where we go this year with snapshot sunday
thanks for viewing, back to work i go!

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