save your money!

i don't think Ive ever been this excited for a post!!! :D

so by now you all know that my one thing in 2015 is to get out of debt as much as possible. so serious, i got a second job (yay!) 

last year, my saving got pretty much depleted because it was just one thing after another and then our roof decided to crap out and i had no choice (being man of the house is some serious sh*z!)
that kind of discouraged me; to see my account get so low bummed me out but i still kept saving. 
the thing with me is, if its in the bank and i NEED the money, i can just transfer it on over (savings -->checking) and while that's always a good thing, i hate it cause its there. im usually VERY GOOD about not touching my savings but when i slip once, it sometimes sticks and boom there goes the dynamite. 

i was surfin the web the other day and saw this article about 10 top ways to save money. 
typical stuff: 
  • stop buying expensive unnecessary designer stuff (doesn't apply to me. the most expensive shoes i own are my converse...that were gifted to me. ._.)
  • do a monthly transfer from your checkings to your savings account (already have it set)
  • stop buying expensive coffee every morning (i don't even like coffee!) and juices (i hit up Jamba once every 6 months and even then its when they have their going back to school sale.)
and a bunch of other stuff. you can kinda see the dilemma, if you're already doing those things (not shopping//not buying coffee everyday (or at all)//transfers) then you're kinda screwed cause what can you cut back on? 
i don't shop often. i swear the last time i went shopping for clothes was last month and that was only because i needed new jeans but previous to that i cant even remember.

any who, the one piece of advise that stuck to me was "put your money in an envelope."
plain and simple. 
you can choose the amount and every time you get paid, get said amount out of the bank and stick in the envelope. 

so that's what I'm doing this year!
that long ass post just to tell you "PUT YOUR MONEY IN AN ENVELOPE!"
I'm sticking to $20 a paycheck. that's $520 at the end of the year or $1,040 if i do both jobs (which im sure i will!) also, i think ill also be putting any extra dollars i have left over the day before payday in the envelope as well. 
i also want to stick to having cash on me because a) its true, it hurts to let it go when you pay with actual cash and b) i hate that transactions forever sit on pending status when i check online! also, i tend to hit up places that only take cash and i DEFINITELY WILL NOT spend $4 at an atm machine to take money out. 

so there it is. stick yo' cash in an envelope and save yo' money hunny!!!!

what an odd (ish) post. 
i hope it helped cause i know when i read it it basically rocked my world!
plus, anything that gets me decorating and crafting; im game!!!

thanks for reading!

*i placed it under the DIY label cause, you get to diy your own envelope and well, isnt any time that you get to decorate something basically a diy! :D


  1. The best way to save your money is to invest your money. Make every cent work for you and make you more money.

    I hate my savings. I tend to transfer.

    1. that is true....but dont you need big bucks for that? (im assuming, ive never thought of investing)

      my banker dude told me about how he bought a house near a university and rents out the rooms with a years commitment and that sounds like a good idea. but im not interested in that.
      the stock market?

      anyways, this wasnt meant to be a life altering post ya know. just one random little tip. nothing to crazy. id never give out advise like that...i dont want to be responsible for people going broke. lol

  2. I can only imagine the people that buy a coffee or drink every morning.. how much money they lose a year. It sucks when you don't spend money on those sort of things and you still can't put a good chunk of money into savings. It would be awesome to put aside $50-$100 every month.

    I was thinking of doing that jar thing. Put money inside one that you can't open until the end of the year. I don't ever do cash but I think I'll stick to it. Cards are just way easier to use and get into debt LOL

    1. i agree!!!
      i thank God all the time im not a coffee drinker! lol but it does suck! i usually do at least 50 per paycheck but then something comes up and it sucks! at least with this ill have the money at home so i cant touch it when im out!
      so far so good, i havent touched it yet! we'll see how this goes!
      i tried the $$$ amount /per week # (ex $40 on the 40th week of the year) i only lasted up to like week 30something cause i was doing 2 weeks at a time. it got to be a drag.

      hopefully this one pans out!
      and yea! ive been doing cash but then i remember i have my card and i just end up using it! ._.
      im thinking of just leaving that at home (like i go out all the time. >.< lol) when i do and seeing how that goes!

  3. I love this DIY; it's so cute and customizable!


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